Things To Consider In Software Localization

In this fast-paced world, business and organizations must automate their

processes to increase efficiency and productivity. For this purpose, they use different

software applications. These applications mitigate the manual work and you can complete your tasks in minutes. Due to globalization, many global companies have subsidiaries in other countries. Here the question comes that how to integrate the

organization systems when people of each country speak a different language. Here

the software localization services play an important role. Software localization is a step ahead of translation. In this process, cultural and regional intricacies are kept in view.

Therefore, the probability of non-standardized work and losing a customer becomes zero.

Importance of Software Localization

Consumer behavior is different in every region. Therefore, to provide employees and customers with services that resonate with their culture, they must go for localization. At present many global businesses understand the importance of localization and translation. For that reason, many companies are going for website localization services. Localization is important for businesses of all sizes. No doubt English is a universal language. However, if you only target English-speaking markets then you will lose a major chunk of the global market.

Do you know that a whopping 7.8 billion people are living on the globe and only 1.35 million people can speak and understand English? Moreover, only 360 million people speak English as their first language. This shows that the English-speaking population can adapt to other languages too. If you observe, you will find that several languages are spoken in each country and you may come across bilingual people. For instance, website localization services and software localization services in the Spanish language are important for the US market because 13.3% of the US population speaks Spanish.

Software Parts that You Must Localize

Developing and localizing the software is not an easy task. Whether you go for mobile localization service or software localization services. You must give attention to every aspect to provide the best user experience to the client. The aspects can be a mobile user interface, content related to software, and search engine optimization strategy to make the software great success. If you ignore any part of the localization process then all your effort will go in vain.

Software Content

If you want potential customers to use your software then the foremost thing that you need to do is to make content understandable for the user. For this, you must translate and localize the content. This is because even if you want to release software in the region that speaks the same language then still you must consider dialect barriers. For example, there is a difference in English which is spoken in Canada and America. Unlike website localization services, the software localization includes the alteration of buttons and instruction

Website Information

You have mobile software and now you want to advertise it. For this, you must provide the information on the software on the website in the customer’s native language. This is because the customer will only download software from the website if he understands it. Here the question is which information needs to be translated. It is name, description, benefits, marketing material, and user guide.

Miscellaneous Content

Apart from software information, information regarding addresses, currencies, and measurement are also very important on the website information. They have a separate section. If you are going for a mobile app or e-commerce site then this information is even more important. People will purchase your software if they understand the purchasing process. If customers are unable to understand currency and purchasing methods then they will exit without buying software.


Advertising is very expensive. The best way is to take leverage from organic search through SEO. For tapping into foreign markets, you must make sure that your SEO strategy resonates with new regions and languages. In this way, customers will find your software in this tough competition and spread word of mouth to their acquaintances. The other best part of your SEO strategy is that it can increase your page ranking in the digital world.

The other important thing to consider in software localization is to know whether you are following the region’s law or not. You must include a refund and return policy and consider tax policies. They should be according to the law of the country. Each country’s law is different. Remember that consumers are more aware than before. Therefore if legal requirements are not considered then the release of the software can be delayed. Moreover, there is a probability of lawsuits and court hearings.

Start Your Localization Process with Development

Whether you are going for mobile or website localization. It is better to consider localization from the development phase. Do you want to know why? Because of language expansion and contraction issues. Some languages expand after translation while some contract. Especially mobile software’s have less space to accommodate these changes. So you should start the development and localization of the software simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

With Software, you can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization but for this first, you must invest in localization services. It is better to hire a professional translation agency. They employ a team of experienced translators that are aware of software and apps. Therefore, they provide you with robust software localization services at quick turnaround times and economical rates. The success of software depends upon the software localization services.

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