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Three Futuristic Technologies That Are Now An Exciting Reality

Major New Innovations That Let Us Know That We Are Living In The Future

These days, more than ever before, technology has become a central focus of our lives. It is involved and integrated into almost everything around us, as we constantly develop and update it to be more useful. Sometimes it progresses so quickly though, we fail to notice how far it has come until we hear about the really big innovations.

Self-Driving Electric Cars

While flying cars have certainly taken their time, self-driving cars on the other hand are here and “ready to roll”.

First introduced by companies like Tesla and Google, there have been some difficulties, but finally, driverless cars appear to have become a definite reality. Not only are other big companies joining in Tesla and Google’s ambitions, but many are already in the process of rolling out their own vehicles on the roads. Mega corporations, such as Apple, and even the motor giant GM, have joined in, as well as new smaller companies like TuSimple and Robotaxi. Each already have their own fleet of driverless vehicles, either currently in operation, or soon to be.

Currently the US, and China, are leading the world in terms of operation. However, many other countries have plans to implement it, with many more seriously considering it.

Delivery Bots & Drones

Cars aren’t the only things that can operate themselves now. The use of robot vehicles and automated drones for delivery is ramping up in big companies across the globe. Amazon, FedEx, Kiwibot, Nuro, and many others are all investing billions into their new automated delivery force.

Though at first it will be restricted to college campuses and certain inner-city areas, soon delivery bots and drones will become a common everyday sight.

The Rise Of The Robot Workforce

While robots in car manufacture and other parts of industry are fairly well-known, these days, however, there are robots being introduced everywhere. From store-room workers, and cleaners, to fry cooks, and hotel managers, many companies and firms dealing in robotics have been making impressive strides. It will likely be a tough transition in the years to come.

Hopefully, as robots take old jobs new ones are adequately created. If everything goes well though, the future is likely going to be a far more efficient and organised place.

Large-scale Climate Change Prevention

Finally, large-scale industrial measures are being put into place to try and curb the effects of pollution and climate-change.

Among these measures, the process of “direct air capture” is a viable one. Swiss company, Climeworks, has erected 15 huge air-scrubbing plants designed to collect carbon from the atmosphere and store it underground. The US government’s Department of Energy reportedly has a similar goal which it plans implement soon.

Other measures being developed are gasification, through companies like Mote, and water purification, though companies like Hydraloop.


This summary could be greatly lengthened by the huge number of gadgets and tech that we currently have available at our disposal. These days, we can access everything from images of the solar system to an online casino welcome bonus at the touch of a button. Much of it, because it offers such convenience, causes us to take for granted that we are living in age of technological wonder.


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