Tips On Preventing Distracted Driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about eight people in the US die every day from an accident caused by distracted driving. Unfortunately, this is something that every driver has done once or twice. Maybe you have texted, tried to tune the radio, eat,  apply makeup, or do something else that removes your attention from the road. It only takes one second of being distracted to not notice a car or another pedestrian. You have heard a driver say something like, ‘the pedestrian or car or animal just came out of nowhere’. When you do not give the road all your attention, you will not be able to perceive dangers on time and react appropriately to them. Here are some good ideas that can help reduce distracted driving.

If You Drop Something, Ignore It

If you drop something like your phone, wallet, or purse while driving, leave it till you get to your destination. If it cannot wait or it is in a dangerous place where it could roll under the gas or brake pedals, pull over at a safe spot and pick it up. Car drivers have a high chance of crashing when reaching for an object under the seat. Also, keep in mind that as you drive, the object might not stay still, which makes it even hard to pick it up.

Plan Your Journey In Advance

Another form of distracted driving is trying to fiddle with the GPS as you are driving. If you are going to an unfamiliar place, then check the map and get a good idea of where you will be going. Luckily, you can enter your destination on the car’s GPS, and the car will guide you. Also, it is wise to turn on the volume so that you do more listening than watching the screen for direction.

Put Away The Phone

While most people associate texting and talking on the phone while driving with teenagers, it also happens among adults. This simple act is one of the most dangerous things that one can do while driving. If you feel that you cannot ignore those notifications every time they pop, put your phone on silent, or better yet, put it somewhere you will not be able to reach it while driving. If it is an important call you are waiting for, pull over. A few experts suggest that even hands-free talking can be risky. When behind the wheel, let all your attention be on one task, which is driving.

Never Drive While Drowsy

According to NHTSA, driving while drowsy causes about 100,000 crashes each year. The way alcohol prevents you from being able to operate a vehicle is the same way being drowsy will affect you. Drowsy driving is particularly common with truck drivers as they are always on the road for long hours. Drowsy drivers are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. When you have been injured in an accident caused by a drowsy driver, find yourself a Houston car accident attorney to help you handle the case and get you compensated for the damage caused.

Get Ready Before Leaving The House

Fixing your tie, doing your makeup or hair, putting on a coat, or even adjusting your clothing are all forms of distraction. Get ready before leaving the house instead of doing these things as you drive. Maybe you have been driving for a long time, and the jacket you wore in the morning is starting to constrain you. Instead of trying to remove it while driving, pull over first, then take it off.

The reason why distracted driving is dangerous is that it takes some of your attention from the road. Not only do you put yourself in danger, but other people as well. Ensure you avoid those distractions mentioned to be safe on the road.


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