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Tips to consider for your next Goa trip

There are two types of people one who loves hills and the other who loves beaches. The perks of both these destinations are different and so are their places. The vacation is a word that is inbuilt with the thrill and the fun that whenever we listen to this word we start imagining about the fun that we will have there. You need a vacation if you are working hard for a very long time as it relaxes your mind.

The vacation can calm your mind and can help you get back to work with more satisfaction and excitement. So, guys if you are a beach person that too you are having many places that will be on your checklist. This means there are some beach places that will help you to get the best of your beach trip. Goa always comes to our mind when we talk about the beaches. You can also head to Grand Hyatt Goa for your next trip. One thing to always keep in your mind while choosing the stay is the luxury hotel so that you can enjoy your stay at the best.

Many hotels and resorts are there but choosing one with a luxurious touch will be the best choice. You need to keep many things in mind and here are some tips to know if you are next heading to a beach destination for your vacation. Take a look:

A timeshare might be a terrific option to own a property you love without the high expenditures of owning your own home if you vacation at the same resort every year for the same one- to two-week period. If you want to terminate your timeshare contract, you can draft a landex resorts timeshare cancellation letter.

  • Checklist for your outfits: So if you are heading to Goa and have not clicked the best pictures to post on social media then you are major missing something. In order to look the best, you must preplan your outfits for the days as per your stay. Like a matching hat with your dress, sandals, sling bag, and much more. You can pick the outfits that are surely giving you beachy vibes. So, pick the outfits beforehand.
  • Pack lots and lots of sunscreens: The sunscreen is something that you need in abundance when you go for a beach trip. You need a good SPF sunscreen that helps you in body coverage and will save you from direct sun rays. Choose a sunscreen having a higher SPF so that it does not harm your skin. So many brands offer sunscreen and choose wisely while going for a vacation. Choose a sunscreen that easily blends in your skin and does not leave white patches on your skin.
  • Light luggage full of clothes and beachwear: You must plan your beach trip in a way that should not make your luggage heavy. The beachwear is mostly light in weight and that is why are don’t make your luggage heavy. So, choose your suitcase as per the clothes or other essentials you are having.
  • Don’t pack anything heavy or of winter: When you are heading to beaches you must know that whatever you pack should be light and of full summer weather. You will not be able to wear anything of the winter season like full sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. So, don’t carry them as they will just make your luggage heavy and are of no use at beaches.
  • Lots of undergarments: When you go for a beach trip you need plenty of undergarments as most of the time we stay in the water. So, carry extra undergarments so that you don’t have to repurchase them.
  • Cotton beachwear that is light: Carry beachwear that is light and is of pure cotton. Such beach wears dries quickly so that you don’t have to change your clothes more often on your vacation. Beachwear is available everywhere so start searching for it now for your next vacation.
  • A hat to save you from sunlight: You must wear a hat while on the beach. It becomes very difficult to open your eyes in this harsh summer weather so wear a hat. The hats are available in numerous designs, sizes, and in colors. You can also buy a hat from the local markets as well.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses: While on the beach wear your sunglasses for sure. Carry extra sunglasses so that you can wear them alternatively. You can also match it with your outfits. The oversize sunglasses are also so in trend and you can go for that. The sunglasses should be a must-have item as a sunscreen while going for a beach trip.
  • Put beach essentials in a bag: When you head towards the beach from your hotel you need to carry some items that you can’t miss. This may include your scarf, hat, sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, and so on. All these things need to be packed in a bag that is portable and easy to carry. You can also pick a waterproof bag so that it can dry up quickly or not make the other things wet that is inside. So, choose your beach bag beforehand.
  • Go in with the flip flops or crocs: If you think you can wear shoes or heels on the beach then you are wrong. You won’t be able to walk or enjoy in the sand wearing such footwear. Not only this, but you will also lose your favorite footwear due to the heavy flow of water. So, flip-flops or crocs are better options to choose from. You can wear cranky and stylish crocs that can match with the outfits you wear. You can buy flip flops from the local market as well.
  • Don’t forget to pose on beaches: The beach trips can give you the best pictures to post on social media. Don’t forget to click and click plenty of the pictures with the beaches, palms, sand, and adventurous activities. So, try all the possible poses and make memories so that you can cherish them forever.

The beach vibes are having a whole different kind of energy that you don’t feel irritated even while lying directly under the sun. The beach trip can be really fun if you make advance bookings for a smooth travel experience, so just go for it.



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