Tips to prepare for class 10 math Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad understands parent and student psychology and therefore recommends all 10th-grade students to take the Olympic exams. These would act as additional practice sessions. The Olympiad curriculum is the same as prescribed by the school. No matter which board exam student, it will be useful for you to prepare for the Olympiad exam, you should also keep an eye out for the types of questions you answer correctly on each exam. In early math subjects, students have difficulty answering multiple-choice questions and tend to answer multiple-choice questions based on their understanding of the topic. However, students who study long enough tend to learn more about each topic and answer more questions correctly. If you keep a scorecard that lists the types of assignments you got incorrectly, you could review the questions to see if you got them right and how much you need to learn to get the final exam successfully boards.  

Olympiad questions for grade 10 help students analyze their level of readiness. Parents and teachers can determine students’ knowledge of concepts. The variety of sums in the 10th grade Olympics helps students quickly dispel their doubts. Whether algorithms, HCF, LCM, rational numbers, irrational numbers, decimal expansion, theorems, decimal representation, polynomials, etc. all concepts are clarified. The 10th Grade Math Olympiad allows students to recall previously learned material using terms, formulas, basic concepts, and other facts. The 10th grade Olympic Games exams help students solve situation-based problems. You must apply the facts you have learned and other rules and techniques in different ways to different problems. Students must examine the information in parts and identify the causes. You need to draw conclusions, that is, find evidence for general statements. Students also learn to combine the information in different ways, group items, and create alternatives to arrive at the correct answer. 

So, let us start with some tips on how to prepare for this math Olympiad 

  • Start with the syllabus. Below are the chapters students need to prepare for 

Chapter 1: Real Number 

Chapter 2: Arithmetic Progression 

Chapter 3: Polynomials 

Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations 

Chapter 5: Probability & Permutation Combination 

Chapter 6: Co-Ordinate Geometry 

Chapter 7: Triangles 

Chapter 8: Circle and Its Area 

Chapter 9: Quadrilateral and Its Area 

Chapter 10: Mensuration 

Chapter 11: Trigonometry 

Chapter 12: Data Handling 

Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning 

Be very clear and thorough with all the topics and prepare them well 

  • Be aware of all the official notices and exam dates. Keep a tab on official websites and make a note of all the important dates, from registration to the final exam date. 
  • Use your time wisely. Don’t waste any minute of your day. Time is your greatest tool at this moment, think twice before spending it. Begin your preparation well in advance for the best results. However, if you can’t do it, ask your teacher about the number of hours it will take on a particular topic. Divide your time and develop a schedule to thoroughly practice all the topics. 
  • Make good use of the internet. The Internet can be a good friend or a bad friend. The choice is yours: Facebook, Twitter, Memes, and Goofy YouTube Video or other sites that offer practice tests, share information on how to solve difficult math problems or discuss the level of questions. You can really make the best use of it and study together with your friends too using the internet.  
  • Be under the guidance of your teacher. Whenever you practice or attempt the Olympiad practice tests, you will encounter problems with certain topics and questions. Keep a separate copy and write it down. Then take this notebook to your teacher and he will help you pass it on. 
  • You can also search for sample questions about the Olympiad online. The online versions will give you a much more accurate picture of the type of problem you might face on the exam. Many online sites offer these types of tests, and they are easy to come by. In many cases, you can get a free practice test before the Olympiad exam. 
  • It is important to follow a strict schedule. It is extremely important that you stick to the program prepared for your Indian Mathematics Olympiad. Yes, you can make a mistake, although our advice is not to do it. However, readjust your schedule or close pending work as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • You should also pay attention to the Olympiad scoring system. It would be best to look at the scale you use to measure your results. You will find that many students are scored on a percentile scale of one to 500, with one being the highest possible score. Students below this level will have difficulty during the exam. The first subjects of mathematics and the students who are above this level are usually above the national average. 
  • Take advantage of the various books you can buy to help you prepare for the Olympiad exam. These books contain practice tests, practice test questions, and sample questions so you can get an idea of ​​what the test will look like before you take it. The books contain multiple-choice questions and a discussion section to help you figure out how to tackle the various problems. Refer to the IMO Sample paper 2 with answers for class 10 IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Paper 2 for Class 10 with Solutions 
  • Staying relaxed is a very crucial point to remember as well. Easier said than done, we agree, but enduring stress won’t help you in any way. So, learn to relax, breathe deeply, go for a walk, or share a cup of hot cocoa with your parents. It’s just another test, so treat it that way. 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – There is really nothing to add to this proven quote. Practice, practice, and keep practicing until you are perfect. All questions and exercises should be practiced. 
  • Lastly, before preparing for an Olympiad Math test, take the time to learn how it differs from other tests. If you have trouble with math problems, the Math Olympiad is a great tool to improve your understanding and confidence in math skills. 

Hopefully, these are the important tricks and tips you were looking for today. All the best.  


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