Tips To Take Care Of Your Favourite Car

A car is not just a machine for some people. For them, a car is like a friend or a person they love and trust to take them on a beautiful journey on the road. Many spend thousands of dollars for keeping their car in good condition, and some love their car so much that they will not sell it even if its age is past several decades. If you are looking for auto parts, the holden parts make the top-class aftermarket car parts and replacement spare parts/accessories.

If you are a motorhead, you must know every minor detail about cars, especially yours, but that’s not the case with many people. Many want to keep their cars in top condition but are not aware of the process. Because of ignorance, many give their cars to the nearby car workshops to do the regular maintenance work, which is not enough to keep your car in good condition.

And if they (dealers) turn out to be frauds or unauthorized dealers, they might replace your auto parts with poor-quality spare parts. To avoid all these, you need to keep your eyes open and deal with only the authorized dealers and those who sell Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

This article will help those looking for tips to maintain their car and keep it running for years.

Get good car insurance

Insurance always saves the day by helping you repair your car without spending a fortune. Minor accidents are common nowadays, and you cannot predict when that will happen. Good car insurance will cover all the scratches, damages, part replacement, etc. Keep your insurance copy with you all the time.

Clean it regularly

Cleaning the car from outside and inside is necessary. Some people don’t clean their car at all, resulting in rusting and discoloration. Cleaning the interior will keep the car fresh and smell good–you will not find any ants looking for leftover food inside your car.

Use only top-quality auto parts.

Popular automakers have many manufacturers who make the OEMs, and you will find that they are priced reasonably. If you need holden parts for your car, you can search online for dealers selling OEMs of your car brand. Using the branded car parts will ensure top performance and more mileage. With original parts, you can feel the quality of the ride too.

Regular changing of engine oil

Like every other machine, your car also needs some oil to decrease the friction and wear and tear in the moving parts. The oil level must be inspected regularly, and in case the level goes down, refill it as soon as possible. The performance of your car heavily depends on the engine oil. Always use branded engine oil for your car, and see whether it is compatible with your car or not.

Tires and air pressure

The quality of the tire and air pressure also affect the ride quality. Less air pressure puts more stress on the engine, and your car will use more fuel to cover less distance. Keep the air pressure at the proper level and change the tires at least once in 6-8 years.

Here are some important fluids that keep your machine running smooth:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant/Anti-freeze
  • Windshield wiper fluid

If you keep these suggestions in mind, your car will run smoothly and have zero malfunctions/breakdowns.


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