Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Crack Olympiad

Olympiad is an exam held twice a year worldwide to identify the capability and recognize the various forms of thinking and measure problem-solving skills in students. However, it is not to be misunderstood that this exam judges the student’s overall performance. One should understand that every student is talented in a unique way and have different capabilities. To be more specific, it is a great learning opportunity for students taking up the Olympiad examination to improve their analytical and logical thinking. Olympiad exams are conducted on various subjects viz. Science, Maths, English, Computer science, Commerce, General knowledge and Social studies.

Students from different grades aspire to participate in this examination and appear in the respective subjects according to their level. It depends on the individual student to decide which subjects they are strong in and identify the subjects that make them feel delighted while studying. After choosing the subjects for attempting Olympiad, it is very important to be sincere and hardworking throughout the examination. The first and important step is to observe the correct strategy to be successful. The following top 10 tips and tricks are useful and essential to crack the Olympiad exam. 

Get enlightenment of the syllabus:

To be enlightened about the curriculum is a good practice to understand the content from where the questions are being asked. It helps to prepare in a systematic way of preparation. Also, by looking into the syllabus, students can match the concepts taught in school and judge the important concepts to be covered. Get to know more about the syllabus Olympiad examination of all class levels from the link below.  

Figure out the overall plan of the exam:

After analyzing the syllabus, figure out the overall plan of the exam by understanding the examination pattern. The pattern of exams varies for different class levels. For classes 1 to 5, there will be 35 multiple choice questions to be answered in one hour, and for classes 6 to 12, it will be 50 multiple choice questions with the same time limit. A very important factor is to manage time efficiently during the exam despite the level of your preparation.

Get hold of Subject Knowledge: 

The major goal is to accomplish a thorough and deep understanding of all the important concepts specified in the syllabus. It is a mandatory aspect because the exam is not conducted at the school level. A higher level of application of concepts is essential. To carry through this preparation journey, spend time with the subject matter expert to analyze your potential. Try to improve your weak part and overcome the weakness by having a proper study plan by having sufficient time to practice. Handling it gives you to attend the questions of any difficulty level.

Schedule Your Study: 

Strategic planning will help in taking your preparation to the next level. A well-advanced preparation is essential, with the efficiency of managing time is essential. Olympic tests are held each year everywhere around the planet to uncover youthful potential. These tests offer junior high pupils a different competitive opportunity to exhibit their talents and acquire more. Such talented youngsters will pursue careers as scientists, physicians, architects, information technology experts, and several other fields. National competitions assist in identifying such abilities that exist at all levels of education across the globe.

PractisingSample Questions:

Remember the saying by Andre Agassi, an American former world tennis player, that “If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win,” and it is applicable in every field. “Practice makes a man perfect” is well known, and there is no substitute for it. Getting to follow IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper and practicing them a lot will help. More practicing will make you get hold of concepts throughout and also improve your ability of thinking. 

Make Google your assistant: 

Technology and its gadgets are very helpful in identifying solutions to various problems today. Develop the habit of Googling to increase your knowledge regarding the exam in your preparation to assure 100% success in the examination.

Have a brainstorming session: 

It is very important to discuss with your peers the level of preparation and brainstorm to solve the problems and get ideas and tricks that might even enlighten you at the time of examination.

Solve Puzzles: 

Preparing for the examination is ineffective without having an energetic break. Have a gap in your study to relax your mind. But utilize it wisely, and do not let your mind distract. To engage yourself, try to solve puzzles and crosswords or Rubix cube, enabling your thinking power.

Time management: 

Time management is an important criterion as time and tide wait for none. After giving enough time to prepare, try to mark important points for your quick revision when you encounter your last preparation. Giving regular mock tests will help analyze your efficiency, speed, and, most importantly, accuracy.

Do Nothing:

It may look hilarious on hearing the word, but that’s true. Studying till the last moment of the exam is highly discouraging as this may cause stress and mental pressure. Sometimes you may tend to lose your temper and also forget the concepts which you know. Therefore, a couple of days before your exam, stop preparing and relax and do what makes you attain your enjoyment to the fullest. Also, get ready with the necessary documents and accessories that have to be carried out to the examination hall. If you miss anything, you will be in a soup. Try to learn whether what mode of examination is going to be. If it is an offline mode of exam, then have practice using the OMR sheet and if it’s going to be an online one, stick on to more practice. 

General Tips on the day of the exam:   

1. Be on time to the examination center.

2. Carry all the necessary material. If necessary, make a checklist.

3. Having Breakfast is essential. Do not skip or avoid due to any reason.

4. Do not learn anything new, and it is strictly prohibited.

5. Stay Calm and do well in the exam.  

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