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Top 11 Skills Of A Software Developer

A software developer is an individual that develops computer software. A computer programmer may specialize in one specific area of computers or may be a generalist for various types of software. The main purpose of a software developer is to implement software solutions by building websites, applications, or programs. Software developers may be part of a software development team or may work alone.

A software developer is known by various titles:

  • A computer programmer
  • A software developer
  • A coder
  • A Programmer

The duties of a software developer may include researching, designing, implementing, as well as managing software programs as well as writing codes. Let’s check, for example, Python web development company called PLANEKS. There are four categories of software developers:

  • System developers
  • Mobile developers
  • Test automation developers
  • Web developers

Software developers require specific skills in order to excel in the profession. Apart from these hard skills, certain soft skills are also required. 

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Top 11 software development hard and soft skills: 

Programming languages

Computer software encompasses what is known as programming languages. Good software programmers have in-depth knowledge of at least of the languages used in software development. This is a matter of preference and interest. Software developers look at the various languages and decide which language they prefer to solve problems in. 

There are four main types of programming languages:

Source Control

Codes are managed and stored in source control. Most organizations seek software developers who are proficient in version control and who are able to collaborate well with other team members. These concepts include such tools as Mercurial, SVN, Git, etc. 

Data Structure/Algorithms

This is the most desired and important capability. It determines the ability of software developers to program and solve problems. Good software developers have in-depth knowledge of how data is structured and how it can be used to solve real-world problems.

All software developers understand that data understand that algorithms and data structures are the heart and soul of computer programming.


The database is a fundamental part of software development and it goes without saying that all software developers should have a good understanding of how to store records, as well as delete, update, insert, or create records.

This is an essential skill and a requirement for all software development employees. Software developers must be able to manage the complete organization record as well as understand and navigate security issues. 

Operating System

There are many aspects of the operating system that a software developer will interact with such as communicating with other machines, slow running programs, memory usage, as well as blocking and tool conflicting issues. Therefore, it goes without saying, that serious software developers understand the fundamentals and mechanisms of the operating system. 

Text Editors

Regardless of the experience of a software developer, text editors form an integral part of the day-to-day functions of a software developer. Serious programmers should take the time to understand text editors, how they work, what their function is, and where they fit in in the software development cycle.

Apart from hard skills, most software developers require a series of soft skills in order to be efficient, effective, and successful in this field.

Problem-solving skills

Due to the technical nature of this job and the ever-changing field, software developers need advanced problem-solving skills. On average, roughly 75% of the duties performed by a software developer will require some form of problem-solving. Knowing how to identify problems as well as find and apply solutions is a key soft skill for any software developer. 

Excellent organizational and time management skills

Whether a software developer works alone or part of a team, which is more often than not the case, organizational skills, and time management skills are crucial. Software developers often work on a tight schedule, with cross-functional teams, and on several projects at a time.

Knowing how to organize and prioritize functions and meet deadlines is a crucial skill. When functions are organized according to importance, more time can be allocated to problem-solving.


At one point or another, a software developer will be required to work as a member of a team. Knowing how to integrate into a team is essential. Knowing how to allocate duties, communicate with team members, and being a productive member of the team is a very important skill to master. 

Not only will software developers work in single teams, but also in multi-functional teams. Software developers will most certainly at one point or another work with an international team where communications skills, organizational skills, and time management be very important to the effective and efficient functioning of the team. 

Teams that work well together tend to be highly productive, increasing customer satisfaction, quality, and team cohesion, while decreasing product life cycle, and turnaround time.

Accuracy and attention to detail

This is a must in any industry. Working with precision means that bugs can be identified and addressed in a timely manner. There is less likelihood of products failing or being sent back for touch-ups and to be reworked. 

Self-development skills

Technology is probably one of the fastest-changing industries. What is in today may not be in tomorrow. Software is developing at a rapid pace and software developers must take a proactive approach to up-skilling in order to stay ahead on the latest trends, technology, and methodology. Software development requires precise skills and often these individuals require training on a yearly basis in order to stay ahead with global trends and changes. 


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