Top 17 Autumn Clothing for Women

Summer has gone and here comes autumn, when the sun hides, temperature drops, and the green turns brown, burgundy, and orange. On the other hand, it’s time for women to hide some skin and wear something thicker to feel comfortably warm clothing

Autumn is the season when you need to dig out your oversize sweaters and wear the same jeans Monday through Friday. Autumn fashion is about trying to wear layered clothing while avoiding the look of an overdressed penguin. 

Transitioning from summer to autumn seems challenging since keeping yourself warm while staying in style is not easy. With this in mind, below are some dressing tips to pick up autumn outfits of street-style celebrities effortlessly. 

Entrenched In It 

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You must have a classically tailored trench coat in your wardrobe. If not, now is the right time to buy one for autumn days. Pair your trench coat with your favorite tee, denim, and clogs for a typical Parisian girl outfit.

Sweater Vest

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The sweater vest will be your favorite autumn layer for any day and anywhere. It looks good on top of a floaty maxi dress, a pair of jeans, or over a crisp button-down.


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Stripes never grow old. You can wear them in summer with a pair of breezy Bermuda shorts. When autumn comes, you can transition the outfit by pairing it with a nice pair of denim.

Slip Skirt and Blazer

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Nothing is chicer than a little oversized blazer and silky slip skirt. Complete your outfit with a pair of 90s thong kitten heels and a carefree straw tote.

Head-to-Toe Denim

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Denim is one of the most prominent autumn fashion trends. So get your favorite denim pieces ready and wear them together for an easy total autumn look.

Long-Sleeve Dresses

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Sleeveless tops and dresses are the favorite go-to outfit to beat the summer heat and show sun-kissed shoulders. However, when autumn comes, sleeved maxi dresses are going to be your best friend as they provide an excellent cover for cool weather. You can style your long-sleeved dress with a pair of boots and a denim jacket.

Skirt or Dress with Booties

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You can always wear some summer clothes without making your outfit weather-confused, like your good old bootie. Wear your favorite black dress or bright summer dress along with your booties, and your summer outfit will transform into cute autumn attire.

Blazer as Outerwear

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During the first days of autumn, you need a blazer to keep you warm in the mornings and when the sun goes down. Get a blazer that you can pair with your outfits throughout the week. 

You can do the opposite and buy one statement piece. Either way, blazers look great with any transitional weather pieces, from skirts to a pair of jeans.

Use Your Winter Whites

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Start using your winter whites once the air gets cooler. Now, to put a slight gap on your neutral look, try adding a print. A long polka dot skirt can be a great addition to your snow-white sweater and boots while keeping them the center of attraction.

Kick Your Outerwear Game a Notch

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Nobody will notice it when you wear a statement coat over sweats. With this in mind, it’s the perfect time to flaunt your shiny trench coats and shearling jackets. A lovely autumn coat is worth an investment.

Leather is Your Best Friend

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With autumn’s cooler temperatures, it’s about time to finally wear your leather pieces! Soft leather is always in whether it is a dress, jumpsuit, or shirt. Investing in a piece from a fine brand is a must.

Replace Your Jeans With a Deconstructed Pair

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Instead of having another pair of skinny jeans, think out of the box and get a deconstructed pair. Its crisscross button is wearable and won’t change your wardrobe a lot but will add some coolness to your tees or sweater.

Button-Down With a Sequin Skirt 

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A shimmery sequin skirt can breathe a new life to your favorite button-down shirt. This will give you an instant dressy look whenever you want to go. You may even wear this in your office if the dress code is casual.

Denim Jacket

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Autumn officially starts the season for denim jackets. To give a new life to your old look, match it with a shiny, metallic top. You can have a fancy-but-dressed-down vibe by wearing shiny pieces of different colors. Match your top with a nice pair of sneakers for a street-style look.

Layer With Thin Turtlenecks

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Going for layers is an excellent way to dress for transitional weather. Wearing a thin turtleneck sweater so that you can wear summer pieces such as a linen jumpsuit over them. Moreover, if it is not too cold, you may even skip the jacket.

Wear the Autumn Colors

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Pinks and yellows are the favorite colors in summer. Then autumn comes and you will see more muted hues like rich burgundy and burnt orange on outfits. You’ll notice that orange and brown will be as versatile as navy or black. You can mix and match different prints in these shades for more autumn feelings.

Slip-Dress-and-Cardigan Combo

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Another way to transition from summer to autumn is to wear a lightweight cardigan on top of your spaghetti straps for extra warmth. After all, thin straps won’t provide enough coverage. A beige or taupe cardigan can match any dress in your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning your outfits from summer to fall is not hard at all if you follow these simple tips. All you need is to dig your wardrobe or invest in the essential pieces such as trenches, jackets, and sweaters. Moreover, when the cold winter comes, all you need are some thicker layers to your autumn pieces, which makes it a lot easier.

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