Top 5 Benefits of Online Coaching for JEE Preparation

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination which is an engineering entrance assessment for admissions to the various engineering institutes. It is constituted by two different examinations namely JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The top-ranked students from JEE Mains are qualified for the JEE Advanced. JEE is conducted by The Joint Seat Allocation Authority for the selection of students in the IITs, NITs, IIITs and a few Government funded technical institutions.

As we all know, the majority of the students tend to grow their career in the engineering field, so it is a highly competitive examination that requires immense effort and dedication from the students.  It is very hard to qualify for this examination without proper preparation. That is why students are offered to coach for JEE from various coaching institutes. They can opt for either 30-45 days JEE main course or a full year of coaching. But before getting into an institution, the students must know the quality of education that the institution is offering. After choosing the right institution, students have to migrate to the places where the classes are held.

But as of now, we are moving towards a digital world. Before it was not that much easy to access the internet as we are using today because of the speed that was offered to us. But after the revolution of 3G ad 4G, we can do uncountable works using the internet. From shopping to booking tickets, everything can be done on the internet. Moreover, the internet is the library of knowledge and information. Anything that we wish to know about can be found on the internet. This has a great effect on our educational system as well. Now we can see people can learn from online classes and also, they can teach others with the help of the internet. So, students can take very good advantage of the online classes while preparing for their JEE or any other competitive examination. We will discuss few benefits of online classes while preparing for JEE-

  1. Online coaching is economical:  Coaching institutes are undoubtedly profitable for the students. But it requires financial assistance as well. From getting admission to the accommodation and traveling, parents have to pay up to lakhs of rupees during the period of coaching. So, it is not preferable for those students that are economically weak. As a result, those students get fewer resources for preparing for the exams. But online coaching is comparatively very economical. There is much free online coaching that is available on the internet. Moreover, the paid coaching classes charge a small amount of fee for admission. Students can attend their classes from anywhere. That means they can even start preparing from their home or any other place that has a required environment for studying. Hence, it also reduces the expenses of traveling and accommodation.  So, a small amount of investment can bright up every student’s future. Make sure to visit Doubtnut to get the best deal.
  2. Self-paced learning: In the conventional coaching classes, students have to go at the same pace that only can be managed by the faculty. Any break in the rhythm with the faculty or the other students can cost big.  So, it is possible that students might not get the conceptions as clear as they should have been. This results in a low quality of performance. But in the online classes, students get the recorded sessions as well. So, it is easy for a particular student to repeat the session until he or she does not get the conception of the topic. They can prepare a schedule of their own that matches their speed of learning and hence slowly achieve their goals.
  3. Individual attention from the trainers:  Online classes held have a limited number of students to join with two to three trainers. Some trainers also manage classes on their own. The number of participants is kept low so that the trainers can guide the students individually. It is easier to get better management from online coaching sessions. On the other hand, conventional coaching classes are filled with numerous amounts of students. The interaction of trainers with the students is limited. So, the efficiency may get affected as compared to online sessions.4
  4.  Variety of resources: As we all know that the internet has all kinds of resources which are very useful for exam preparations. Students can opt for any kind of course around the globe which is not possible for the local institutions to provide. Thus, it can be very effective in growing their knowledge. Students can select trainers whose teaching techniques are suitable for them.
  5. Comfort: As students leave their houses to pursue their dream, being away from home diverts their attention. In some cases, students face health issues when migrated to a new place. Online courses are a better option considering the above problems. They can learn and prepare in their comfort. Moreover, being with their families make them mentally strong as well.


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