Top-5 Most Promising Young Players at EURO 2020

There is no shortage of incredible young talents on the squads that made it to the EURO 2020. We could talk about Doku, Turnbull, De Ligt, and so many others, but, for different reasons, be that the potential to make a difference or the fact that they already are, despite their age, a certainty, those names were left aside, for 5 that are blooming right now and can complete their status on European football on this very competition. Let’s go at it.

Phil Foden, England

If the comparisons to Paul Gascoigne didn’t seem silly before, given the enormous talent of Foden, now that he dyed his hair blonde, the similarities are off the charts. After brilliantly achieving the award of player of the tournament of the Under-17 World Cup in 2017, he was patiently molded into an all-around attacking midfielder by Pep Guardiola, who unleashed him this year, with incredible results: 16 goals in all competitions, winning the Premier League and ending second at the Champions League.

Will he have the impact of a young Beckham or Rooney? It may be one of the best euro 2020 betting odds that he will be up for the task.

Pedri, Spain

The misfortune of some are the blessings of others. Right as Sergio Busquets tested positive for Covid-19, Pedri was instantly deemed by the pundits to have achieved an higher status on the squad. His chances of playing in this competition, once grim, now look like a serious chance, and one that may help Spain throughout the competition. Tactically aware, especially for his age, he is also an attacking menace, managing 39 key passes along the season; a treat, considering his position on the field.

Nuno Mendes, Portugal

We could talk about João Félix, or even Renato Sanches, but one is already one of the most expensive players to date, and the other already won the award of Best Young Player in Euro 2016. So, for Portugal, one cannot help but to talk about Nuno Mendes, the 18-year-old left back that left everyone watching the Portuguese League with his chin down. A true locomotive, dribbling players seemingly effortlessly, while also maintaining a cohesive defensive composure, especially with his tackling technique and anticipation.

Jamal Musiala, Germany

England chose not to call him, and Germany snatched him with their wingy fans, without thinking twice. Sure, England have talents of the likes of Foden, Greenwood, Rashford, Sancho, and others, but Musiala is not bellow any of them in terms of potential. In the shadow of Thomas Müller, he can very well be the joker of Joachim Low’s squad. Averaging 4.5 dribbles per 90 minutes, he can dismantle any team’s defensive cohesion and, entering fresh in the second half, prove to make a difference for Germany.

Alessandro Bastoni, Italy

A little older than his counterparts on this list, I still believe that 22 is a very young age for a center-back to define himself as one of the best. But Bastoni is doing just that, with the help of Roberto Mancini, and the occasion in which is happening: a renewal of the Italian squad, with Bonucci and Chiellini reaching an age that may no longer provide them the fitness to continue performing at their peak. Champion of the Serie A, and a bastion at Inter Milan, he may very well prove himself as the next big thing in Italian’s defense.

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