TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Online PDF Converter

In a time when everything is going digital, the PDF has become an essential part of school and the workplace. You may even find yourself receiving and sending documents in this format for a variety of reasons. Probably, one of the top reasons is it keeps text formatting and the visual elements of your document intact. Another is that printing is less stressful when the file is in PDF. Aso, the content is not as easy to copy and paste compared to a Microsoft Word file. This is why an online PDF converter comes in handy.

The problem is, in our fast-paced lifestyles, the simple task of converting files to PDF gets complicated. It gets time-consuming because of the accounts you would need to create, the software you need to install, and services you need to pay for. That is why in this post, we hope to convince you that relying on an online PDF converter will be the answer to all your PDF needs. Are you ready? Let’s start!

  1. Easy-to-use

The number one reason on our list is its ease of use. Online PDF converters like PDFBear are very reliable, which only requires a decent internet connection. If you want to start converting, just go to and choose the Word to PDF converter. Drag and drop or select the document that you need in PDF, wait for it to upload, and the PDF version will be ready in seconds! Once it’s done, just download the file and you now have your file in PDF!

PDFBear, unlike other websites, spares you the hassle of annoying ads and pop-ups. The website is easy to navigate because it shows no more than the tools and information you need.  

  1. You can use it on

    any device

Are you on the go and you don’t have your computer with you? No worries. Online converters like PDFBear are usable on virtually any platform. Regardless if you are working on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. And whether you are on an iOS or Android mobile device, or a computer that runs on macOS, Linux, or Windows, you can expect to fully enjoy all features of the converter. With an online PDF converter, you would never have to worry if your computer is not with you.

  1. Fast and convenient

When you are in a rush to beat some deadlines, the last thing you want is a worked-up computer that would crash on you. Since not everyone is lucky to have a lightning-fast computer, launching software as basic as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat can take more time or cause some computers to slow down. That is because they occasionally take a huge chunk of your computer’s RAM, especially if it only has 4GB or less. You wouldn’t want to risk needing to restart your computer when it happens and then lose any unsaved work.

So, what better way to get the task done than to simply use an online converter. All you need is your preferred web browser to convert your files. With it, you would no longer need to launch desktop programs, create login accounts, or even pay for such a service when you can accomplish the same tasks more easily.

  1.  It is free and secure

You might be wondering why you should trust file converters like PDFBear when there are tons of other free websites just like it. Well, one thing that not a lot of online converters do upfront is telling you their privacy policies. Some online platforms are free, but unfortunately, they could potentially be taking advantage of users by secretly accessing their documents. They give the service for free, but don’t consider your security and privacy.

These situations can explain why people have trust issues when it comes to free online tools that involve their documents. That said, online file converters like PDFBear provide an important layer of security called SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This is a layer of security that enables end-to-end encryption, meaning no one–not even anyone from the PDFBear team–will ever gain access to your uploaded files. Just you.

For the cherry on top, any copy of your documents, both processed and original, will be deleted from all PDFBear servers one hour after the conversion. This is to ensure that your files never fall into the wrong hands. Stop worrying about your files, because PDFBear is not only free but is also safe and secure.

  1. It has tons of other tools

Did you know that PDFBear is not limited to PDF file conversions? It also has tons of other tools and features that you can find useful in school or at work! Here are three other tools that you can enjoy on

Set a password

If you are sending or keeping a PDF that may contain sensitive or confidential information, setting a password would be the perfect solution to protect it from the eyes of others. Use the Protect PDF Tool for your peace of mind that only you or the intended recipient would have access to your important PDF files.

Convert to PDF/A

Are you archiving documents for long-term storage? Converting them to PDF/A is the ideal format for that. This ensures that the state and quality of the PDF will be maintained in long durations on your computer.

File Sharing

In case the need arises where you would need to immediately send a file or document to someone, check out the Share Document tool. There is no need to create an account or to log in. Simply upload the file that you need to share, and a link will be generated. You or your friends will be able to access the file through the link with ease.

In Conclusion

Nowadays when things aren’t always safe or free to use, thankfully there are alternative online file converters like PDFBear that can make school or work much easier. We are assured upfront that none of our files will be compromised and that we can enjoy features that make things more convenient.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that for all your PDF needs, an online PDF converter like PDFBear is the way to go!



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