Top 5 Things You Need To Consider Before Applying For Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Designing is a professional specialization that revolves around ideating, visualizing, conceptualizing, and designing apparel, footwear, accessories, handbags, etc. that is either targeted at the mass market or is customized as per a particular client’s requirement. A fashion Designer needs an updated knowledge of fashion trends, culture & social influences, techniques, materials, fabrics, patterns, customer preferences, color, etc., and should be open to drawing inspiration from anything around him.

Additionally, a Fashion Designer has to collaborate with varied stakeholders including vendors as well as teams from varied departments since he is responsible for the collection right from its inception to getting a prototype done to analyzing the throw of cloth, to its final production and marketing it out to people. He is also accountable for not only the profitability but also to identify the ideal material, fabric, pattern, textures, relevant colors, etc.

Top 5 things to consider before pursuing a fashion designing course

Before enrolling in a fashion designing college, students must understand that Fashion Designing is much more than Glamour, Fame, and Fortune since it involves lots of hard work, research as well as passion. A fashion designer has to have an outgoing personality for he has to nurture contacts both with customers as well as contemporaries. He has to have a pulse of the market since he has to predict what fashion designs will click with the customers and spell success in the market. Thus he must consider the following points before he shortlists Fashion Designing as a career:

Personality Traits: The students must evaluate themselves, for the fashion world is reserved for not only the creative visionaries but also the most passionate, diligent & dedicated people. He should be the one taking initiative and ready to perform at any level. Additionally, he must display strong organizational, networking, and communication abilities.

Reinvent yourself: There is a constant need to evaluate and reinvent yourself for it will position you in a different league vis-a-vis your contemporaries. You should not only have a global perspective but must be aware of the market, the materials, and the ensuing fashion trends. In order to differentiate yourself from others, you must develop critical thinking, explore alternatives, and continuously innovate besides being open to taking inspiration from any and everywhere.

 Practice Sewing Skills: Fashion Designers must possess excellent sewing skills. To ensure you are adept at using it, start early by learning basic skills and practice to enhance your competencies.

3D designing skills: Fast-paced evolving trends have forced a reduction in the time gap between designing and its final market release. Therefore Fashion designers need to be proficient in the use of different software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3D design. You will get to see the end result without actually pursuing the entire production process. This will reduce the costs along with the production time.

The right college: In order to pursue fashion designing course, students must identify the college that offers a comprehensive understanding of fashion in addition to knowledge of the duties of a fashion designer. Furthermore, the college must have a state-of-the-art studio that will enhance competencies in the latest technologies and software besides ensuring hands-on experience and managing of industry projects and competitions, which in turn will assist in portfolio building.


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