Top 5 Ways to Organically Grow Your Instagram Account

In a world where influencers and celebrities are leveraging Instagram to bring positive changes to their lives, why can’t you do that? If you have a good following currently but you want to grow your Instagram account organically, there are several ways you can make that possible. Much like how you’d need a reliable bookmarker in Nigeria, the same goes for the authenticity of your marketing strategies too.

In this article, we will share some of the best ways to grow your Instagram account organically without any paid ads or other unethical practices.

Start with consistency

How often does it happen that you plan on posting content every day and end up forgetting it? Not being consistent on your account affects the reach. It slows down the process of landing up on people’s explore page, thereby reducing your chances of ending up on popular trending and explore pages. So, your first step to growing your Instagram account is to be consistent with the process. In case you can’t film every day, make an inventory and post gradually.

Hop on the trends

While many people will likely criticize you for hopping on the cheesy and “cringe” reels or other trends, understand that this is where growth is. Doing these kinds of trends allows your account to get widespread visibility across Instagram because you have used a popular and trending song or trend that other people are watching on the platform.

Listen to your audience

It might seem bad to mould your content to meet your audience’s expectations but you need to realize that your IG account is for the audience. So, if they are saying that they want more grid posts than videos, entertain their thoughts. Doing this will make your audience feel welcomed, making it easier for your audience to stay active and engaged with your account.

Do interactive stories

Audiences are always inquisitive about what is going on behind the scenes in people’s lives. So, why not give them insight into that? This can be done by Instagram lives or even by conducting simple Q&A sessions where you answer people’s questions and get rid of any queries that could be lingering in their minds. However, don’t make them repetitive, and try to ensure that you space out such types of content.

Engage with your audience

If you are getting replies, shared and reactions to your posts and stories, interact with your audience. They love the appreciation, so if you share that, chances are that they will engage more with any future content that you update. So, reply to DMs, answer the queries to get more engagement eventually.

Growing on Instagram organically is possible and quite easy. If you follow the right steps and implement the correct marketing strategies, it shouldn’t take you much longer to get that sorted. So, stay focused and gives it your absolute best to grow your account from nothing to something and a whole lot more. It will take time, so be patient.


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