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Top Real Estate Investing Forums You Might Need To Know

Online forums are significant and can help you find real estate deals and financing, learn about real estate investments from expert investors, and network with professionals in the real estate industry. Investing in real estate might be a challenging task, especially when doing it alone. It is necessary to have some basic skills. Also, you might have queries about the different concepts and things like pre-foreclosures, tax sales, and short sales. This calls for you to look for a real estate forum to help you grow and understand more about real estate investment. Below are the top real estate investing platforms best for you. You can also talk to Henley Charles – Birmingham estate agents to know more about real estate investment

Bigger Pockets forums

The Bigger Pockets forums are the most popular. It has a significant reputation and provides complimentary access to its meetings. Its discussions focus on buying and selling properties, rental properties, flipping, starting out, wholesaling, and much more. The BiggerPockets forums have access to many cities, making it easy to connect with investors across such areas. 

BiggerPockets fans

There are multiple Facebook groups and pages dedicated to real estate. However, with the Bigger Pocket Fans group, you can connect with various investors and other real estate experts. It’s the largest real estate group with more than 60,000 members. You need to note that the group isn’t officially associated with Bigger Pocket, but it’s comprised of people who understand the real estate business. You can learn more about the industry from the members.


Reddit is another populous online forum website. You can join a sub-Reddit community based on the issues of your concern. The topics range from a broad real estate category to more specific topics like commercial real estate groups and rental properties. It’s free to join Reddit, but you will upgrade to premium and eliminate ads by paying some charges. People who like and join Reddit learn multiple niches of the real estate market with ease.


Tech Biz Ideas is a platform for providing business ideas full of techy thoughts which helps the audience to get benefit from this.

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