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Top Six Best Pre-Workout Foods and Snacks

We all wish to make the most of our workouts – train harder, jump quicker, spin faster, and run faster. And even though most of us prepare ourselves mentally for a challenging workout, at times, we fail to fuel our engine. This results in an incompetent workout.

To avoid that, you must eat the right foods before you work out. This will ensure that you have the right energy and power to work out. Some foods prepare you before you begin working out, and these can maximize your efforts during physical activity.

However, before we list down the best pre-workout foods, you need to understand that all of us have varying nutritional requirements. These foods are the ideal balance of carbs, fats, and protein.

Consequently, they stave off your hunger, give power to your body, combat fatigue, and speed up the recovery process. So, which are the best pre-workout foods?

Here is a list of some of them. So, let us get started and address them one by one. 

Bananas and Nut Butter

Bananas are the perfect power bar from nature. They are a rich source of carbohydrates, which provide the body with potassium and the necessary fuel. Consequently, banana helps with optimal muscle and nerve function. 

‘Bananas are my pre-workout snack. I usually eat them with a peanut butter serving. It tastes delicious and gives me the required energy. If you do not like peanut butter, you can dip it in any other nut butter of your choice.

However, when using peanut butter, do not go overboard. Stick to a serving size of two tablespoons. Alternatively, even though the bananas are naturally sweet, if you want to add some more sweetness to it, you can drizzle some honey on it,’ comments Mathew, an online reviewer who did the review for the best spinning reels under 100 review. 

Well, we agree with Mathew on the use of bananas as a pre-workout. It provides your body with steady glucose levels into the blood, which is perfect for undertaking endurance workouts. When you work out, the body begins employing muscle glycogen as the fuel when the body does not have it accessible readily. 

Protein shakes

 Protein shakes are excessively popular amongst people who work out. This is because our body needs protein for muscle development and repair. So, when you work out and your muscles are sore, the protein content in these pre-workout meals helps repair them.

Further, protein is also vital for our bones and skin. Thus, when you are not getting adequate protein from natural sources, you should consume a big glass of protein shake before heading to the gym. For people and athletes who engage in regular workouts, it is ideal to have a protein shake even after a workout.

However, do not overdo it, and watch your consumption. Often excessive consumption of protein shakes yields side effects. One of the prevalent side effects of heavy consumption is kidney damage. Thus, before including protein shakes in your diet, you must consult your doctor about the required daily dosage.  

Oatmeal with fruits and some low-fat milk

Are you someone who workouts early in the morning? If yes, you must begin your day with a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruits. This delicious oatmeal bowl will provide your body with the requisite fiber to cater to your daily fiber requirements. The body absorbs and digests the carbohydrates in this oatmeal bowl in this mixture gradually.

Consequently, even though there is sugar in the fruits, it won’t instantly spike your blood sugar levels. Instead, there will be a gradual release of sugar in the blood. Consequently, you will be fuelled for a longer. To add to this bowl’s calcium and protein value, you can add some low-fat milk to oatmeal. 

‘My favourite breakfast and pre-workout snack is a bowl full of oatmeal. It gives me the necessary fuel to last through a 60-minute of workout,’ shares Anthony, an online reviewer who did the Kohler Santa Rosa reviews.

Whole grain bread

The nutritional value of whole-grain bread is widely known. It is believed to be the perfect replacement for refined bread and instant cereals. It is because whole wheat bread has the whole wheat germ in it. The whole wheat germ is a good source of Vitamin B. More so, the fiber in the whole grain bread breaks down slowly to give you the desired energy. 

‘I usually eat about five to six slices of whole-grain bread every day. They are my pre-workout meal. Then, I usually toast them in a bread sandwich before I head to the gym,’ comments Robert, an online reviewer who did the best shaver for balls review. 

Brown rice and chicken

Even though most people work out in the morning before heading out to work or going to college, some work out in the night or evening post-work because of time constraints. For them, one of the best pre-workout meals is chicken and brown rice.

Brown rice is an excellent carb and fiber source. It is absorbed by the body steadily, whereas chicken is a good source of protein and lean protein. Hence, this is a perfect combination for your pre-workout meal. 

‘For a good cardio and strength training workout, our body needs about two-hundred to three-hundred calories. So, I generally have a medium bowl full of brown rice, typically about thirty grams of uncooked brown rice, along with two chicken pieces,’ comments Eric, an educator who offers online jewelry-making classes

Dried fruits

If you want energy-dense and nutrient-rich foods before your workout, then you can consider adding dried fruits to your diet. Some of the dried fruits you can add to your diet are dried pineapples, berries, figs, and apricots. These are excellent energy sources. So, you will have an instant jolt of energy to push you through a workout. It is always recommended to eat a mixed bowl of dried fruits. Only a handful of the dried fruits is ideal for you to undertake a rigorous workout session. You can also add some seeds to it, such as flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is an outstanding source of all-natural energy with only 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. The natural unprocessed sugars fructose and glucose found in honey immediately enter the bloodstream which can result in rapid energy enhancement. You can find out where to buy raw honey online from many different beekeepers by typing the keywords “where to buy raw honey” into the search box of your preferred search engine.


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