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Top Things to Watch Out For When Buying a Table Cover

A dining table is usually the most important piece of furniture in your kitchen. You will want to use a table cover to not only protect the table from food and drink spills but also elevate the ambiance of the room and complement the table setting. Just by changing the cover, you can transform the table from bare wooden, stone, or glass furniture to a formal dinner destination using a pristine white cloth or a warm and inviting place for the family to have their meals with a gaily-patterned one. While there are many different types of tablecloths available, choosing one can be frustrating unless you know what to look out for. Some tips;

The Material

Unless you want to make a mark in high society with a grand dinner, you will perhaps not be looking at luxury tablecloths made from fabrics like linen, silk, velvet, etc. Most people tend to be in the market for cotton or blended fabric tablecloths that are durable and easy to maintain while giving you a wide choice of colors and designs. For example, a 40/40 blend of cotton and polyester works admirably to deliver the crispness that cotton is loved the world over together with easy wash care and maintenance. If you prefer a shinier look, you can ask for a cloth with a higher polyester content. If you want to make your table look slick and perfectly fitted, you could go with a stretch spandex tablecloth.

Size and Shape

Readymade table covers come in standard sizes. The best way of buying at a store or online is to measure the table you are buying it for and verify that the cover is three to five inches more on each side. A little more is more desirable than a little less. Of course, the way the cloth hangs depends on the shape of the table and the cloth. Generally, tablecloths are available in shapes like square, rectangle, round, and oval. While you should try to buy the same shape of cover as the table, there is nothing to prevent you from draping a square cloth on a round table. To give an exclusive look, you can also use table runners on top of the tablecloth.

Colors and Patterns

White is, by far, the most popular color for a table cover, however, the main issue is that it is prone to staining and can be difficult to keep pristine. Colors like off-white and ivory look good in a room with neutral colors but when placed in a colorful room, they can look drab. Dark-colored tablecloths tend to be better in hiding wear and tear as well as stains. If you are not in favor of solid colors, you can consider patterns or prints available in myriad colors, however, simple color schemes usually work the best. According to Couleur Nature, tablecloths are ideal for changing your dining table décor.


In addition to the fabric, size, shape, color, and patterns that largely contribute to the touch and feel aspect as well as aesthetics, it is also important to choose a table cover that is easy to wash and maintain. Cotton and polyester blends are invariably the best in this department.


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