Top Tips for Automotive Styling Repairs

With the cost of new vehicles skyrocketing, many people take the secondhand or used route. Whether buying or selling a used vehicle, you can do certain things to maximize your returns.

One key tip that is often ignored is that there are numerous styling fixes that you can do, which will increase the value of the vehicle you are selling or make the one you have just bought look a lot better. There are a lot of used car buyer guides out there; the tips herein are for both the buyer and the seller, maximize your sale price or buy cheaper and fix these issues.

Interior clean and fix

No one buys a car for its interior styling alone, but if it’s clean and functional, it will go a long way to helping one make a final decision. Cleaning and fixing the interior of the vehicle is easy and simple to do and will not cost an arm and a leg. It can indeed be done with most home vacuum cleaners and a good fabric cleaner, but perhaps a professional valet will do the trick if in a bad state. If you are planning to change the interior, you can buy online Komatsu parts like floor mats, seat covers, and all car accessories as it is best and give your car a new look. Repair all switches and ensure sun visors and handles work as they should. Functional seatbelts are essential as these are mandatory in most states and a prominent safety feature of the vehicle. Test, check, and fix.

Hood lining

The hood lining is another easy fix; in most vehicles, it forms a large part of the interior and, as such, will make an impression. A clean hood liner can make the vehicle seem larger and more spacious or scruffy and untidy if it’s covered in marks and stains. Again, with the right vinyl or fabric cleaner, this can be done quite easily at home. Make sure that you know the material and have the right cleaner. If it’s torn and cannot be repaired, then look for a recommended upholsterer to replace it.  If you are going to cover the hood with vinyl or faux leather, make sure you plan ahead to ensure a smooth and professional-looking finish. Any replacements may need you to redo other parts of the interior to match.

Exterior chrome and grill

The grill is seen as your vehicle’s smile and is a vital part of the package; if it’s cracked or broken, it’s not making the impression you want or need. Most modern grills and elements of exterior vehicle styling are plastic. With the right kit from, you will be able to seal, weld, and repair most, if not all, the plastic components on the vehicle. Take your time and do it as best you can, then polish and clean. If it’s not plastic, then it’s likely to be chrome, again this is a simple fix, and a good chrome polish will make the detail sparkle back to life.

Bumpers and paintwork

Wax and polish are a great place to start. Scratched bumpers and paintwork can be renewed with a number of over-the-counter waxes but be sure to use the right one, or you could enhance the scratches. If they are too deep, then having a professional repair these may be worth it.

These are simple fixes and cleaning jobs that can be done very quickly, but that will improve the appearance of the vehicle for sale. Before you decide to do any of these, ensure that you have done your maths and have determined the vehicle’s cost compared to the anticipated cost of the repairs. While you may enjoy doing these tasks, there must be a cost-benefit, and keep in mind that the aim is to improve and increase value.

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