Unblocking a Number on an iPhone

Thanks to Apple’s visionaries who realised the useful block feature shouldn’t be permanent, Unblocking a Number on your iPhone couldn’t be simpler. This is due to how simple it is to unintentionally or accidently block someone. Perhaps you unintentionally blacklisted a contact while filtering spam texters or automated callers. Or perhaps you purposefully blocked a friend or coworker so as to avoid being bothered for a while, and you now wish to unblock them. You might also want to look up the blocked list and see if the number in question is included because you’re having problems calling a contact or vice versa. This is the procedure.

Find Blocked Numbers on Your iPhone: A Guide

Your Home screen is where you access the Settings app.

Select Phone, Messages, or FaceTime from the menu (any one of these will work).

Settings for the iPhone’s phone, texts, and facetime

Tap Blocked Contacts after scrolling down. Your blocked list is here.

restricted contacts

Unblocking a Number on an iPhone

The Blocked Contacts list’s upper-right corner will say Edit.

To unblock a phone number or email address, hit the red minus sign to its left, then tap Done.

iPhone blocked contacts Unblock a caller

As an alternative, you can tap Unblock after swiping left on the phone number or email address you want to unblock.

unlock a phone number

How to Unblock a Number from the Contacts App on Your iPhone

In your Contacts app or the Contacts page in the Phone app, where you may also unblock, you might find it easier to find a banned number. This is the procedure.

Launch the Phone app’s Contacts tab or the Contacts app itself.
Locate the person you’re looking for.

mobile contacts tab

Click Unblock This Caller at the bottom of the page.

IPhone caller unblocking

You might be able to retrieve a contact’s phone number if you removed it after initially blocking it. If you merely deleted it from Contacts, it can still be visible in the Phone app’s Recents call log or Voicemail log. You may need to contact your phone provider to obtain your contact’s call record, which will list incoming and outgoing calls by date and time, if you deleted the contact from these logs as well. Check out our article on how to stop unauthorised calls on your iPhone as well.

It’s crucial to understand that, while being unable to call, FaceTime, or text you, banned numbers can still leave a voicemail for you. Your iPhone routes calls from blocked numbers to voicemail right away without alerting you to the new message. The voicemail left by the blocked caller will still be accessible for you to choose whether or not to listen to it.

The concept behind the Block and Unblock choices is that you can choose how, when, and by whom you wish to be contacted given that iPhones are portable and tied to their owners wherever they go.

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