Use Apps to Boost Your Monthly Budget

You’ve heard Apple’s saying: “There’s an app for that.” Well, it’s true. You can find meditation apps, fitness apps, language translation apps, photo-editing apps and more. Naturally, you can find apps to help you with your budget.

If you want to boost your budget this year, you need to go to your App Store and start downloading.

Budgeting Apps

Are you using a spreadsheet to plan your monthly budget? You need to evolve your methods. Download one of the top budgeting apps onto your smartphone or computer.

These apps can sync with your online banking, giving you a clear view of your checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and other elements of your financial portfolio. It’s the best way to track your income, expenses and available credit. You will know exactly where your money is going, which will make it easier to spot opportunities to scrimp and save.

Subscription Tracking Apps

One way to scrimp and save is to cut out unnecessary subscription services. A subscription tracking app like Truebill helps you find and manage all of your subscriptions. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription service anymore, the app will make cancelling it hassle-free.

Couponing Apps

If you’re finding your grocery bills are taking up too much room in your monthly budget, you can save money by downloading couponing apps like Dosh, Honey or SnipSnap. These will help you cut shopping costs online and in person.

If you want to save money on weekend events and nights out with friends, look into Groupon. Groupon deals can offer you heavily discounted rates for all sorts of shared activities, like museum tours, pottery lessons, exercise classes and more.

Why Should You Boost Your Monthly Budget?

One reason to boost your monthly budget is that basic expenses are growing because of inflation. You might’ve already noticed that your groceries are more expensive. Your gas is more expensive. Your energy bills are more expensive. Almost every part of your budget has crept up in price.

So, you should do your best to adjust your budget to adapt to inflation. If you keep expecting your old budget to manage these new prices, you’ll find yourself in financial trouble in a short amount of time.

Speaking of financial trouble, another reason why you need to boost your monthly budget is so that you can set aside savings in an emergency fund. Without any emergency savings, you might not have the means to handle urgent expenses that crop up and surprise you before your next paycheck comes in. These surprises could be emergency home repairs, car repairs, tech repairs, medical appointments or vet appointments.

What could you do without an emergency fund? When you don’t have enough savings, you could turn to a solution like an online personal loan— as long as you meet the qualifications. If you’re approved for a personal loan, you can use the borrowed funds to cover the emergency expense in a short amount of time. After managing the emergency, you can focus on a repayment plan.

Another option is to charge the emergency expense to your credit card. You should only do this when your balance is far from the limit. Otherwise, you could accidentally max out your credit card.

Your budget doesn’t have to be so tight. Use apps to get more savings and give your budget a boost.


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