Violin Lessons: ThreeMyths Which Needs To Be Debunked

Learning to play a musical instrument is something that I would recommend to anyone, from young kids, to teenager, to adults and even retirees. The benefits are multi-fold for different age groups. This is something that I have covered in other articles.

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As a beginner starting violin classes, the student’s posture and bow hold needs to be constantly adjusted. Attention also must be paid to pitching (singing) , rhythmic training, the intricacies of bowing to create certain sound effects. All these are better learned based on a one teacher to one student ratio. 

However, there are some myths that many potential students have before they start private violin lessons. It is important to address these myths and debunk them, otherwise these beliefs may be a nemesis to a smooth progress in violin playing. Even worse, these myths may short change the full potential of a budding violinist, no matter the age group.Precious months or years could be wasted based on a wrong perception. So it is very important to highlight these wrong ideas and correct them at the start.

Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings, a violin school Singapore which has a big team of violin teachers since 2010, has met thousands of enthusiastic music students. Through her vast interaction with numerous individuals, she knows very well what the common myths are. Some of these wrong perceptions apply to adults, some apply to kids. No matter the difference. It is important to debunk thesethree common myths which are related to one startingviolin lessons for beginners.

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Myth number One: Learning To Play The Violin Is Difficult

You may have voiced out the thought of learning to play a bowed strings instrument like the violin. The next thing you know, your friends tell you that this is so difficult you will never be able to master it. And you friend claims that this is based on his experience.

This is a myth and a big fallacy.

Why did I make this comment? Well, your friend may have an arduous journey to be a violinist because he did not start violin classes for beginners with a competent and experienced coach. In the market out there, there are many violin teachers. However, the way a professional level teacher explains concepts and breaks down the steps to easy to understand sections for a new student is very important so as the student comprehends and learn quickly. A junior level teacher may not have the same savvy and street start to identify in ten seconds, the character of a new student. Identifying this is important for the teacher to see which approach to take during the violin lesson Singapore.

Alternatively, your friend made the comment on the difficulty of playing the violin because it is something that he did not want to learn as a child. He was forced to start violin classes for kids as his parents thought music lessons was something mandatory for all kids. If he did not have the affinity or interest in this musical instrument, he will not make the effort hence will find it difficult.

What I am trying to say is that each individual is different. Your friend’s experience may not be the same as yours. So do not use his yardstick to measure against yours.

In fact, you should have a positive and gung-ho mind set thinking that learning the violin is the easiest thing in the world to master. You will surprise yourself on the speed of development during your weekly affordable violin lessons.

Myth number Two: Only Children Start Violin Classes

During the many years of interacting with adult enquiries, Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings also noted that many adults think that learning music or starting violin classes, is something that one must start as a child. Hence many are very surprised that adults can successfully learn to master this complex musical instrument.

In fact, says Yeo, seventy percent of violin students in her academy are adult learners. Why is there this misconception?

Perhaps many potential adult students mentally think that learning music is difficult. So they subconsciously find an excuse not to learn music as an adult. Or perhaps they think that their fingers are not as mobile and fast as young musicians. However, moving the fingers with dexterity over the violin fingerboard comes with practice. Any good violin school with a solid violin education program will work each violin student to practice technique pieces. These target specific areas such as using different finger combinations to repetitively play a melody. Hence after a student has put in the effort to practice, nimbleness in the fingers is no problem.

Whatever it is, this perception is wrong and needs to be highlighted. Otherwise many adults who have the potential to start beginner violin classes do not take action.

Myth Number Three: Group Violin Lessons Are Fine For Kids

Some parents have the wrong perception that starting their children on group violin lessons for kidsis better than one-to-one violin lessons. The belief that learning as a group is more fun and social.

Actually, this is a myth because in a group class scenario, the violin teacher does not have the means to focus solely on your child and correct each mistake made. Imagine a groups of 5 young students. In the time frame of forty five minutes, how can it be possible for the teacher to focus the full forty five minutes on one child? No way this can be done.

In fact, the violin teacher Singapore ‘s attention is split among the students. So per child only gets 9 minutes of personal attention from the coach during the lesson. How can this be effective coaching?


The above are three major myths surrounding many individuals’ perception on starting violin classes. There are more perceptions which are not correct which I will cover in another article. Meantime, I hope that you find the above explanation helpful in debunking some common myths. Have fun learning the violin!


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