Ways Insurance Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Getting more customers who are satisfied and engaged can pay significant dividends to insurance agencies and brokers. A great customer experience is not just a nice-to-have option but the demand of modern consumers. understanding and putting customers’ needs first, insurers can deliver an excellent customer experience to keep them coming back for more. Satisfaction and trust are boosted when customers feel heard and understood. This as a result improves loyalty and brings more new referrals.

Whether you are a funeral insurance agent or a life insurance company, here are some practical ways you can improve customer experience to grow a base of satisfied customers.


Modern customers want to buy insurance plans from companies that provide a personalized user experience. People don’t want to fill out lengthy insurance forms. Understand your customer needs and build a personalized experience tailored to their individual needs if you want to stand out from competitors. Invest in enterprise system integration to collect, sort, and store data to never ask for customer information you already have in your database. Pre-fill forms for your customers whenever possible to streamline the insurance buying process for them. Use available customer data and analytics tools to get insights into their preferences to personalize interactions and engagement across different channels.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Modern consumers really don’t want to wait for hours on telephone calls to contact their representatives. While traditional customer service centers are not going anywhere soon, insurance customers want more communication methods to contact and interact with their favorite insurers. They want more options to engage with your company when they need some information about claims, premiums, and other issues.

Chat and text solutions are getting popular day by day. In addition to phone calls and emails, the use of a live chat option and AI chatbots can help you reduce customer response time and put simple customer queries on autopilot. You can also use push messages or SMS messages to keep your policyholders engaged and up to date with current news and trends.

Efficient and Transparent Claim Process

Almost 40% of insurance customers are unsatisfied with the claim processing methods offered by insurance agencies. As they want insurance quotes online, they also expect digital assistance and engagement throughout the claim process. By making the claim process efficient and transparent, you can attract more new customers and engage the existing ones to keep them coming back. Allow policyholders to take and upload photos through the app or an online portal, check the claim status online, and ask questions to carry out the process efficiently.

Employee Training

Your employees contribute a lot to the overall customer experience. Since most insurance service situations are full of emotions, some people want to talk with agents who are calm and have a soothing voice. Significant investment in employee training can help you exceptionally improve customer experience. Invest in digital systems and train employees how to collect, organize and use data to respond to customer queries in a timely manner without making them wait for lots of minutes. Make sure they have quick access to important customer data and information to seamlessly move through the workflow and respond to customer queries in a way that policyholders expect.

Control the Customer Experience

Outsourcing some of your business processes is a good idea to increase productivity and reduce costs. But insurance companies should keep customer service in-house. This allows them to take better control over how representatives are listening to policyholders and how they are using business resources to address questions and queries. Try to provide your customers with an omnichannel approach like self-service, phone calls, email, text or live chat, etc. Make all these options available and monitor all the engagements to get more insights into customer behavior and needs.


Focusing more on digitized business operations and developing an omnichannel approach helps insurance companies improve customer satisfaction and save money at the same time. Insurers that provide a consistently positive customer experience are more likely to grow faster than competitors and enjoy improved sales as well.

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