Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Bicycle Accidents in Newport Beach 

Newport Beach is a beautiful place to bike around, but it’s important to keep in mind that cycling can be quite risky. In fact, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that there were 857 bicyclist fatalities in 2018, making up 2.3% of all traffic-related deaths. If you have suffered damages in a recent bicycle accident, reach out to an experienced attorney to know your legal options. Meanwhile, here are some ways you can avoid bicycle accidents:

Wear a Helmet:

If you are in an accident, wearing a helmet can lessen the severity of your injuries or possibly save your life. Make sure your helmet is properly fitted and has a Consumer Product Safety Commission certification (CPSC).

Obey Traffic Laws:

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road. It is important to follow traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and red lights, using hand signals, and staying in designated bike lanes or on the right-hand side of the road. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic or riding on the sidewalk.

Be Alert:

Be mindful of your surroundings and any potential dangers at all times. Watch out for any oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and other hazards. Don’t be distracted by items that can hinder your ability to hear or see what is going on around you, such as headphones or cell phones. 

Watch for Door Zone:

Be cautious when riding past parked cars, as there may be drivers or passengers opening doors into your path. Give parked cars a wide berth or ride in designated bike lanes to reduce the risk of a collision.

Use Caution at Intersections:

One of the most frequent locations for bicycle accidents to happen is at intersections. Even if you have the right of way, always keep an eye out for oncoming traffic and exercise caution when crossing junctions. To avoid getting hit by right-turning autos, stay clear of their blind spots.

Don’t ride under influence:

Cycling while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never safe, much like driving a car. Your judgement, response time, and coordination may all be affected by impairment, which makes it more challenging to avoid accidents.

Final thoughts:

Bicycle accidents can be devastating, causing serious injuries or even death. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, seek medical attention immediately and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.


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