Wedding Shoes: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is strenuous for an individual as it involves the right combination of style, comfort and price. It is all the more difficult to choose the one for your wedding day when you want all your carefully curated plans to turn into reality. As such, the planning of the bridal ensemble remains incomplete without the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Whether a simple courthouse ceremony or an intimate destination wedding, you need to find the perfect pair. But, the abundance of choices can be a bit confusing; hence, a simple guide is provided to help you make the decision. Following are the steps:

 What’s Your Style?

You must, first of all, understand your style and the look you desire. As such, if you are opting for a retro look, the shoes need to be matched to that era. You could also take a hint from embellishments or detailing in the dress that could be matched with the shoes. The style also depends on your decision of having a summer or winter wedding. As such, winter brides could wear velvet pumps or lace booties to add to their elegance against a snowy or flower themed backdrop. And if you are having a summer wedding, go for fabrics like woven linen or raffia and turn a few heads.

Conduct Research

You will have a clear idea about wedding footwear as you research shoe styles on the websites of some of the most renowned retailers. The online inventory of such stores is better than that of the physical stores, which will provide access to more variety, style and latest trends. The research will narrow down your options enabling you to choose the right one matching your wedding dress.

Try Them On

While websites allow you to explore various styles, you must buy your wedding footwear only after trying them on. Meanwhile, various online retailers have a convenient return policy where you can try out some pairs and return them if it does not meet your requirements. Besides, it would help if you were mindful about the comfort as you will wear them for several hours, and any amount of discomfort may ruin the entire mood.

Before choosing the pair, make sure it has good padding, or you could also insert specially designed insoles that would add largely to your comfort. You could also do a twirl test by applying straps on your shoe to hold the feet and prevent any unfortunate incident on the wedding day.

Colour Options

The colour of your wedding footwear depends on the choice of bride you want to become. For instance, if you like a more traditional or classic look, the preferred colour options will be nudes, ivory, champagne or clean white. However, if you are willing to experiment with your look, a dash of colour will add to your uniqueness. As such, some of the hues you can consider are royal blue, pale blue, metallics, fuchsia pink, aqua, rose gold and mint.

Take Your Time

Do not wait till the eleventh hour while deciding on the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Your shoes need to match the length and fit of your dress. The height of the shoes is also an essential factor to consider based on which the dressmaker would make the dress. The adjustments made on the length of the dress based on shoe height will lead to creating a perfect bridal look.

So, the above-mentioned points will guide you choose the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding and help you take action early on.


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