What are die-cut postcards? Should you use them?

What Are Die Cut Postcards?

Die-cut postcards are becoming a popular way for businesses to draw in customers. These postcards are typically plastic and have a variety of different ways to show off a product or service. Some cards may have an interactive fold or tab for the reader to interact with as they read the postcard. Others may include die cut postcards to make a product picture look more realistic. A die-cut postcard is typically specially designed for the die cut and will overall have more appeal for the reader of the postcard.

Why Should More Businesses Use Die Cut Postcards?

Die-cut postcards are more likely to be engaged with than another type of mailer. These postcards are more often a fun way to get information about a product or service out there. Die-cut postcards are more likely to impress customers, clients, and whoever else they are given to. A postcard may be the first impression for many potential customers, so adding in the die-cut element can help them to judge whether they would be interested in the product or service. Die-cut postcards are also not too expensive depending on the printing company that is chosen. 

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