What Are NBA Picks & Do You Need Them?

Sometimes betting can be hard to do all alone. Sure you can research, analyze plays and games, track injuries and statistics, but eventually, it just becomes too much data to keep in your head. Even if you are only focusing on one type of game like the NBA, it can still be difficult.

That’s why using NBA Picks can be so helpful, even if you are a pro at placing bets on your favorite basketball games. But do you really need to use them in order to make a good bet on the next game? Well, that’s what this article is all about!

What Are NBA Computer Picks?

Put simply, an NBA computer pick takes the last 100 games played by a particular player or team, crunches and combines all the numbers, and then displays computer-generated picks for you to look at. You can see what you as the bettor will win, the record of the bets made against the spread, and then how many over and under bets were won.

Having picks done by the computer is like having picks made for you by an expert because no matter what the numbers are not going to lie to you. They will tell you what teams are good, what teams are going to have a rough time of it, and what players you might want to watch out for.

Rather than having to wait for stats to be analyzed, or worse, having to pull up the last 100 games and crunch the numbers yourself, the computer does it all for you. You can see the point spreads, over-under ratios, the consensus, and more data from the past that is predicting the present.

Why Do You Need A Computer?

The computer doesn’t care that you might not like a certain player or that you ‘feel’ that your underdog team is going to pull out a miraculous win against their rivals. It just presents the facts from the past games, without you needing to buy handicapper predictions or do all the work yourself.

The computers are able to take all the data into account, even the data that you might not think of, such as the referee stats. With all the data crunched and composed, you’ll be able to not just see the current data, but will also be able to more accurately see patterns. For example, you might notice that the Charlotte Hornets have hit over in their last four games, and it’s a safe prediction that they will do so again.

However, it is important to note the human unpredictability of the sports world, because the Hornets might have a bad game or a bad season, or an injury, that throws them off and causes them to not do what the computer predicted. This data will likely be factored into the machine in the future, but it probably won’t do you any good right now.

So make sure to place your bets with caution and understand that upsets can and will happen, even if all the data is backing you up.

Do You Need To Use NBA Picks?

NBA picks aren’t biased and can go through more data in a second than even the most dedicated handicappers can go through in an entire year. Additionally, they won’t make mistakes or have errors, and they won’t suffer bias.

However, they won’t always win either, and human unpredictability can sometimes overturn their picks. But if you are looking at betting purely for the data side of things, then you can’t go wrong using NBA picks. They aren’t needed to place bets or even to do well while betting, but you can’t deny that they will help you collect data and see patterns easier, which might give you the advantage you need to get a large payout.

Plus, it saves you the trouble of needing to analyze all of the past data yourself and then continually update it. You’ll spend less time with the spreadsheets and more time betting at the sportsbook, which is something everyone wants to do when they are gambling!

What Type Of Bettor Are You?

When it comes to betting, you need to figure out what type of bettor you are. If you are the type of person who just wants to bet a few hundred dollars on a game, with the aim of never seeing it again, then you don’t need to spend the money required to get NBA picks.

However, if you are the type of person who wants to become a professional in the betting world of basketball and who also wants to make some larger payouts, then buying professional and data driven picks can be very helpful. Still, they aren’t needed to make accurate bets.


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