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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing For A Startup?

To start with, digital marketing is much more cost-friendly for a startup than traditional forms of marketing. Traditional marketing like TV advertisements and print media can cost thousands while online ads can be placed at less than half that investment with much more effective returns. Digital marketing is the most creative and cost-effective way for startups to reach a wide range of audiences, and have more subscribers and clients – – all of it done at a fraction of the price and uncertainty that follows traditional marketing.

Interested in doing a master’s in digital marketing? Read on to know why it’s so important for most businesses, especially startups.

1. Inexpensive Customer Research

A brand that has been on the market for years also has an enormous customer research database behind creating every new product or campaign. However, startups do not have the same resources as some popular, large-cap companies but even then, they can use technology to their advantage for tracking, monitoring, and interpreting customer buying patterns and psychology. Using tech, they can learn about the demographics and the products that sell best, etc. It is far more effective in every way than spending dollars on making a TV advertisement which might not make such an impact as well.

2. Engage Clients

Gone are the days of single-sided conversation. Buyers want to engage, communicate, and feel important to the brand. And this is achieved through social media campaigns, Twitter posts, webinars, digital ads, etc. digital marketing allows for interaction, which generates a sense of the relationship between a customer and a brand – something truly important for brands today.

3. Use Metrics to Drive Success

Most people use the internet most time through their mobile phones. They also research a product before making a purchase. And it is because of this wide availability of mobiles and computers that digital marketing is one of the best forms of marketing, especially for startups who have fewer resources and budgets to run paid campaigns. Online digital marketing platforms also come with extra benefits like analytics and real-time metrics that help businesses get an estimate of their performance. It was impossible for a startup to know previously how many people viewed their ad in print, but today they can do that with the click of a button.

4. Use of SEO

As startups mostly operate on limited budgets, SEO in digital marketing becomes a very important part of marketing that is used to drive organic traffic to a page. Organic traffic means views garnered organically, without the medium of ads but through keywords, which is the standard way to approach SEO. The placement and volume of these keywords, other metrics, as well as backlines will determine how useful a page is to a reader and will be ranked accordingly. As most people are likely to go through only the first three pages of a search result, it is therefore important for businesses to efficiently apply SEO.

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