What Are the Benefits of Going to a BMW Performance Shop?

Some aspects of a BMW’s performance may stand out, but many car enthusiasts want to increase its power output. Keeping your BMW in the best condition allows for optimal performance, but you can use various tricks to boost performance. Your upgrades should be handled by experts. Visit a BMW performance shop to get the best service. Here are some ways you benefit from taking your BMW to a performance shop:

Genuine Parts

BMW performance is often linked to the type of parts you install. When doing a performance upgrade, use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts over aftermarket options. OEM parts can be more expensive, but they match the parts that come with your car. An authorized BMW dealer will offer you authentic replacement parts to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

You can shop for quality BMW parts, regardless of the year, model, or your car’s body type. Performance shops stock many new high-performance parts. You can choose one that best fits your vehicle. If they do not have the parts you need in stock, experts from the BMW dealership can order them directly from the manufacturer.

Most authentic BMW replacement parts come with a standard two-year warranty. The warranty allows you to request replacements for defective parts. Some of the performance parts BMW issues a warranty for include the engine, drive train, transmission, gasket, and seals. Your warranty will only be active if you get your parts from an authorized BMW dealership.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

Although your car may need upgrades to improve performance, you should make sure the existing parts perform at the best levels. BMW auto repair experts install new parts and diagnose your car for any problems.

The experts are dedicated to handling your vehicle with precision and quality. After each installation, your experts have to diagnose the vehicle’s performance before allowing it on the road. This verifies safety when driving and confirms that the additions match your expectations.

A comprehensive diagnosis will note any issues with your BMW, notifying you before they worsen. Taking care of any developing problems early will prevent costlier repairs in the future. Sorting underlying issues will allow your BMW to perform at optimal levels.

Value For Money

Pricing is beneficial for each car owner when deciding which automotive technician to work with. You should request quotes from different performance shops in the market. Competitive quotes are attractive to anyone on a tight budget as they look for affordable services.

BMW has a maintenance program dubbed the ultimate care program for cars not older than three years. The program covers regular maintenance checks like:

  • Oil changes
  • Oil filter and fluid changes
  • Wiper blades
  • Spark plugs
  • Brake discs and pads

BMW’s ultimate care program is available across all authorized dealerships and can cater to your car’s maintenance. Such services help maintain your high-performance BMW in tip-top shape without breaking the bank.

Specialized Tools

BMW vehicles use sophisticated and futuristic technology to make driving easier and verify performance. Repairing such cars requires specialized tools to fix them without tampering with the technology. Specialized tools allow for BMW software tuning, which can increase performance. These tools will make installing parts that improve performance, like ECUs, easier.

Performance shops equip their technicians with state-of-the-art tools, allowing them to serve you with the highest quality. These tools allow for a quick turnaround on the service works while guaranteeing the quality of the upgrades.

BMW specialty tools you can find at an authorized dealership include:

  • Spark plug socket set
  • Valvetrain spring tools
  • Camshaft timing kits
  • Clutch centering tools
  • Diagnostic kits

These specialty tools help identify performance issues easily and can allow for software updates in the future. Performance shops use their tools to offer additional services like insurance claim support and PDR. Paintless dent repair (PDR) services can help restore your vehicle to its original state.

Convenient Service

Finding a genuine and authorized BMW dealer will help you get great results. BMW dealers and performance shops are well distributed throughout the country. You can find a dealer whose shop is conveniently located to get your BMW upgrades.

BMW dealerships offer some parts in unique packages, which makes performance part shopping convenient. Combining such parts makes sure you can achieve the much-desired performance standards. An axle-back exhaust comes with all components, from the muffler, fixtures, and the entire tubing to help improve your BMW’s exhaust flow. All these components work best together, so you can conveniently buy them as a single package from your BMW dealer.

Find the Best BMW Performance Shop

Performance upgrades on a BMW can be quite complex, so you need an expert to handle the service. Finding the best BMW performance shop can help you get quality parts to improve performance. Performance shops have manufacturer authorization to provide you with genuine parts. The experts use advanced technology and specialized tools to offer quality upgrades and a quick turnaround.


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