What are the best sports betting sites to use in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. One of the consequences of this, is that there are many websites of this kind that people can enjoy for making all kinds of punters and wagers. Obviously, these platforms will offer online cricket betting. However, their services in general are not limited to this discipline only. They are not even limited to just sports gambling. Instead, people can also encounter all kinds of casino games, lotteries, and many other surprises. Here we will discuss some of the best websites that people can choose to join if they live in India. However, it can also be stated that most of the platforms that will be mentioned are available for the rest of the world as well.

Different websites target different audiences. For example, there are some general purpose online betting platforms. As their name suggests, they don’t focus on a particular discipline. Instead, they try to provide high-quality services for a wide range of disciplines, sports and events. On the other hand, there are those that are mostly focused on a specific discipline. Bookmakers dedicated to football tend to be the most frequent example of this kind. However, there are also many sportsbooks focused on disciplines like eSports, tennis, basketball and practically any other discipline that exists.

However, when examining what are the best bookmakers currently available, all of them tend to be of the aforementioned general purpose kind. Let’s mention the five best sports betting platforms in India, in no particular order:

● Betway. This platform is famous in large part thanks to the aggressive advertising campaign that it has been undergoing during recent years. For this reason, it is likely that many people, even those who have never tried a bookmaker before, have heard this name.

● Bet365. This is another platform that has gone to great lengths in order to make its name as visible and as prominent as possible. They have been sponsoring some of the most important football teams around the world. They have a great mobile platform, a fantastic selection of live streamings, and lots of other interesting features.

● Unibet. This platform is well focused on cricket. However, it doesn’t ignore other disciplines. In fact, it features dozens of different sports to wager. Here people will also be able to encounter many great casino games, including slot machines, poker tables and more.

● LeoVegas. This platform has a smaller sportsbook area when compared with its main competitors. However, what it lacks in sports is compensated by its incredible online casino, which can be accessed from mobile devices and desktop computers.

● Parimatch. This platform is definitely one of the best bookmakers out there. People from India will be delighted that it also offers a fantastic selection of cricket matches to wager on. Not only that, because it even offers lots of high-quality live streamings!

Of course, from India it is possible to get access to much more than just 5 bookmakers. There are several great names that have been left out of this list. However, if someone wants to get started in the exciting world of sports gambling, or wants to find some new adventures, these are some of the best names to do just that.

Signing up to any of these platforms

Obviously, the process of signing up for any of the aforementioned portals is also extremely easy and free. This means that in general, all punters will only be a few clicks away from having some great experiences, and of course, fantastic winning possibilities.

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