What are the Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Causes in Women?

Lower urinary tract symptoms are commonly found in women of all ages, particularly between 40-60 ages. In most women, the symptoms occur and pass by. However, in some women, the symptoms are continuous and meddle with the normal routine. The common symptoms may include wetting the clothes without controlling the need to urinate, having a need to pass urine repeatedly, and experiencing pain while passing urine. These symptoms basically make you dependent on many events, and your overall quality of life becomes dull. Women make the typical mistake that they never report these symptoms to anyone until it becomes difficult to handle.

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Women

The problems with the symptoms in women with lower urinary tract are classified into three categories, namely

  • Problems with storing the urine in the bladder.
  • Problems in passing the urine.
  • Problems after passing the urine.

At times the symptoms are from more than one of these mentioned groups. It could be a possibility that many women may have symptoms from only one group. However, other women may have symptoms from two or all available groups. Some of the common symptoms that women may experience are mentioned below.

  • Burning and bad smell while passing urine.
  • Constant pain in the lower tummy.
  • Need to pass urine frequently.
  • Failure of bladder control.
  • Need to urinate while sleeping.
  • Need to do urine again after assuming you have finished.
  • Difficulty in passing the urine.
  • A slow pressure of urine.

Lower Urinary Tract Causes in Women

When the woman is experiencing the lower urinary tract conditions, the urine may look cloudy in appearance and may have blood in it. So, after conducting a urine test, your doctor may suggest an antibiotic medicine. If you find a urine infection in the test, the least you can do is to start drinking a lot of water. This practice of taking more fluids in the body helps in passing out the germs from the body.

There are many causes of the lower urinary tract condition in women, which are mentioned below.


After a woman hits the age of menopause, the number of female hormones which are produced by the ovaries is reduced in number. Due to these changes, many women may observe the changes in their vagina and genital area. The sudden changes may include dryness in the vagina and pain while having sex.

Stress incontinence

When a woman is having stress incontinence, she tends to leak urine with normal motions such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and exercising. It usually occurs when the pelvic floor muscles that sustain the bladder get weakened. The process of vaginal childbirth is a common reason for having a weak pelvic floor. That is why the very first treatment for stress incontinence is pelvic floor exercises. After this, the surgery to tighten the bladder outlet can also reduce the consequences. However, the courses of medication can be used if you want to avoid the surgery. In some women, there is mixed incontinence, which is both stress and urges incontinence. That is why you may consult with your doctor if you produce incontinence because every kind has specific treatments.


The Lower Urinary tract condition is majorly caused by microorganisms which are usually considered bacteria. They tend to enter the urethra and bladder and cause inflammation and infection. As it is evident that a UTI most typically occurs in the urethra and bladder, bacteria can travel up to the ureters and contaminate the kidneys. Almost 90% of bladder infections and diseases are caused by E. coli that is a bacterium normally discovered in the intestines.

Diabetes mellitus

When the condition of diabetes is not controlled on a timely basis, the high sugar levels present in the bloodstream may accelerate the process of making more urine. That is why UTIs are more common if a woman already has diabetes.

Self-Help Treatments

The following self-help treatments may also help in preventing the symptoms of the lower urinary tract condition in women.

  • You may avoid taking too many drinks that contain caffeine as it helps in making the symptoms more alarming.
  • When a woman hits menopause, the vagina becomes dry. Therefore, vaginal lubricants may be helpful in this condition.
  • There are bladder training exercises available. So, you must try to empty the bladder at a regular time, for instance, after every hour. You may slowly increase the interval until you can store the urine for a longer time.
  • If you have stress incontinence, pelvic floor exercises are the best and most effective method to reduce the lower urinary tract condition.
  • If you are carrying additional weight and going towards the problem of being overweight, then start to lose weight as the first priority.
  • You may also need to stop smoking.

It is always best to consult professionals for better guidance. Book an appointment with the a urologist doctorthrough Marham for more information.


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