What Are The Top Alternatives to Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Building?

Anabolic steroids are a controversial subject. Despite the known health risks associated with their use, some of the world’s most accomplished and famous bodybuilders continue to use them. In addition to very famous bodybuilders using them, it’s also extremely common for ordinary people interested in bodybuilding and just general weight gain to use them.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of anabolic steroids but don’t want to have to deal with the negative side effects associated with them, then there are alternatives. This post will tell you all about them.

Legal Steroids

In most places, anabolic steroids are illegal to possess or use. If you are found to be in possession of them then you can receive a fine or even a brief period of imprisonment. However, there are some products on the market that mimic anabolic steroids in effect but are significantly less harmful, and also legal. If these products interest you, then go ahead and check out these legal steroid alternatives that you can order online. If you are going to use a legal steroid alternative then make sure that you extensively research the drug that you have chosen to use and have made sure that it is indeed safe for use. Always buy from reliable vendors, whose reviews you have read. A vendor’s reviews will give you a clear picture of what their products are like, in addition to what it’s like doing business with them.


Creatine is a very popular supplement sometimes used as an alternative to steroids, to aid in bulking up. Unlike anabolic steroids, creatine is legal. It can actually be purchased in some health food stores. In the  United States, it is a requirement for users of creatine to be 18 or older. Creatine can help to increase your body’s muscle mass, in addition to reducing fat. It is a very effective and powerful steroid. Before taking it you need to calculate your dosage and make sure that you are taking an amount that’s safe and right for you. You can calculate how much you should take by reading the information on this that you can find on the product’s packaging.

Maca Root

Maca root is another supplement that’s widely available and that is commonly used as a substitute for anabolic steroids, usually in addition to steroids like creatine. Maca root has been found to be very effective in encouraging weight loss, reducing stress, and increasing muscle gains. In addition to all of this, maca root has also been shown to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, improving your skin’s appearance. It can take up to two months before the supplement begins working, so have patience when you first start using it. There are some supplements that work a lot quicker than maca root though, so if two months is too long, then consider taking another type.


Zinc supplements are a staple in the diets of many bodybuilders, because they aid in muscle growth, and also in repair. Zinc is a mineral that’s used by the body’s cells to metabolize nutrients. If you consume a lot of it, then your immune system will become stronger, and testosterone levels will increase. Increased testosterone levels can make it a lot easier for you to perform well in the gym. In addition to getting zinc through supplements, you can also get it through eating a normal, healthy diet. Supplements can definitely increase the amount of it that your body consumes, though.


DHEA is an abbreviation for Dehydroepiandrosterone, which is one of the most widely sold steroid alternatives on the market. DHEA is actually produced by the human body and is responsible for improving sexual performance, reducing fat, and even increasing bone density. Various studies have shown that taking DHEA in supplement form can actually improve the quality of a person’s life, especially older people. DHEA can help to build muscle density and strength. If you are looking for a supplement to take that is effective, safe, and going to help you to reach your goals, then DHEA is it.


The human body needs certain vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get their daily nutrient needs through the food that they eat, mainly because they eat junk food or unhealthy food. Multivitamins are a fantastic investment because they help your body to get these nutrients, and also strengthen the immune system. By strengthening the immune system, multivitamins make it possible for bodybuilders and weightlifters to perform better. Gyms are very common sources of infections and viruses, so having a strong immune system is essential if you are going to be spending a lot of time in them.

Anabolic steroids aren’t the only option you have when it comes to steroids. There are some legal alternatives, and also supplements that you can use. Before taking any kind of steroid do your research about it and make sure you know what function it serves, and how it will affect your body.

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