What Do You Do As An Online Business Manager?

The exact work description of an online business manager (OBM) may vary widely depending on the industries. But the general work responsibilities of an online business manager may include:

  • The hiring of and management of a virtual team that also includes conflict management
  • Spearheading business projects like marketing campaigns or product launches
  • Allowing more time to the business leader by taking lower-impact decisions for the company by themselves
  • Streamlines projects and workflows with the help of technology

The other jobs of an online business manager may include team management, operations management, project management, team management, analytics, financial management etc.

If you are looking for online business management programs read this article to know everything you need to know before opting for a course.

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Who is an online business manager? What is the difference between an OBM and a virtual assistant?

An online business manager is a virtual-based professional who supports the running of day-to-day activities in online businesses. Their work includes management of operations, projects, as well as team members.

Like a virtual assistant, an online business manager also saves business owners lots of valuable time and allows them to be the visionaries of an organization. This is also what virtual assistants do, but their work is limited only to this. Whereas online business managers work on the management level of a business. They are hired to make decisions and strategies benefitting the organization. A good online business manager’s job is not only too free the business owner but also in impacting the business in the long run.

What are the benefits of becoming an online business manager?

The work offers greater potential to earn. Most online business managers charge their employers on incentive-based payments rather than hourly rates.

Most new business can be obtained through referrals with less time and resources needing to be spent looking for or marketing for new clients.

Less time and resources are spent on onboarding new clients because most online business managers only work with one or two long-term clients at once.

 Who can become an online business manager?

In theory, any individual can become an OBM as it is a lot like doing freelance work or being a VA. It certainly does not require a degree or a certification to be an online business manager. It also does not require any prior work experience as a VA to be in this field.

However, to learn the transferable skills needed for the job and get an upper hand at learning business management operations, people skills as well as organizing the day-to-day operations, consider getting a certification. A certification not only equips an individual to do the job well, but also provides credibility to one’s work performance.

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