What Do You Know About The PRP Hair Technique? How Long Does PRP Take To Show Results?

Among hair restoration techniques, the PRP hair technique is gaining prominence. People who are suffering from hair loss should consider a PRP hair solution to grow hair naturally.

The common question asked regarding PRP for hair is, “How long does PRP take to show results?”Therefore, in this article, we will mention all the necessary information about the PRP technique and its outcome. This procedure is so popular in Pakistan and you can have the best hair treatment in Lahore.

What is PRP hair therapy?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is a technique that uses the blood of the patient to proceed with the procedure. PRP is not only for treating hair problems but also mends broken ligaments, joints, and muscles.

PRP injections for hair refer to a procedure that collects platelet-rich plasma from the blood of the patient and injects it into his scalp.

The PRP technique is a 3-step procedure:

  • The collection of a blood sample.
  • Processing of blood in a centrifuge machine. The centrifuge separates the blood components.
  • The platelet-rich plasma is collected and injected into the scalp.

So, collection, processing, and injecting are the main three steps that make up this procedure.

The PRP solution is rich in growth proteins that help the hair follicles grow incredibly. The injections stimulate hair development naturally and help the recipient achieve a fuller hairline.

Is PRP for hair a painful procedure?

PRP treatment for hair is quite a comfortable procedure. Even though it depends on needles, the procedure is relaxed as local anesthesia is applied to the scalp before the technique commences. 

Even after the session, you will be given pain relievers to stay comfortable and avoid discomfort.

When can I expect the results after the treatment? How long does PRP take to show results?

The result of any of the hair treatments is not immediate, whether it is hair transplants or over-the-counter pills. So, if you’re wondering how long to see results from PRP for hair loss, you must be ready to hear that obvious outcome appears six to twelve months after the procedure.

However, hair growth might begin three to four months post-surgery. Therefore, you can track your hair growth by taking pictures weekly or monthly.

Do I get satisfactory results after one PRP session?

Typically, one PRP session is not enough to achieve your goals. People generally need follow-up treatments after the initial session. Your dermatologist decides how many sessions you require, depending on the extent of your hair loss.

However, the remaining sessions are observed with an interval of a month or two. Moreover, PRP results after 3 sessions are more promising and obvious than at the initial stage. Therefore, a decent hairline of your choice is usually not possible with a single PRP session. Once you complete the course of treatment, you still have to return once or twice a year to receive injections to keep the results of the treatment intact.

How successful is the PRP hair treatment?

PRP is a successful hair treatment, like hair transplants. The success rate for the treatment is between 70% and 90%. Moreover, PRP is administered in combination with updated medicines to deliver successful results.

Furthermore, PRP works incredibly well during the early stages of hair fall. It stimulates the passive hair follicles and produces hair. Besides, the success of the PRP hair technique also depends on the number of platelets in your blood. A healthy number of platelets heightens the chances of the effectiveness of the procedure.

If you plan to benefit from the PRP technique, schedule your appointment with a trustworthy doctor. A consultation with the doctor is important as you have to qualify for the treatment based on your medical and family history. However, if you are declared a good candidate, then get ready to enjoy natural hair growth.


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