What Is Advanced Search? And Why Companies with an Online Presence Should Utilize It

As defined by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), advanced search (AS) is a built-in feature in search engines that allows users to limit their searches to a particular phrase. A basic search can return too many records, most of which are irrelevant to your search. AS provides customized results containing the information you are seeking, whereas a basic search provides hundreds of records, which can take minutes or hours to sift through. If you have a company with an online presence, here are reasons why you should use AS.

Get Specific Results

By using quotations, you can use any phrase or term to return results containing an exact match of that phrase or term. This is ideal, especially if you are not finding the results you want or your search is too ambiguous.

For example, imagine you are researching Timothy O. Johnson, the owner of a rival company. By searching for Timothy O. Johnson, you will keep getting results for Timothy B. Johnson, Timothy R. Johnson, and Timothy W. Johnson. If you adjust your result to “Timothy O. Johnson,” you will only get results that are specifically associated with Timothy O. Johnson.

Omit Unwanted Results

On some occasions, adult content may appear in search results for persons whose names have no connection with such content. With advanced search, you can omit unwanted results by giving directions in the ‘not to include’ section. You can also use this option to weed out unwanted websites. If you do not want your search engine to show results from previous searches, you can use AS to narrow your search results down to a specific date.

Advanced Search Saves You Time

The time-saving nature of advanced search makes it a must-use for all companies. By omitting unwanted results from your search, you can focus all your attention on the required field. Sifting through hundreds of pages can be taxing. With advanced search, you can give your complete attention to the task at hand instead of being directed to spam sites or being bombarded with advertisements.

Obtain Specific File Formats

When you use AS, you can obtain specific file formats such as PowerPoint, Word, and PDF to give you specific results for research papers, presentations, and spreadsheets. Not only does this option help you get specific results in no time, but it also allows you to set a range for the number of search results, giving you the freedom to widen or limit your search.

Obtain Results from Specific Websites

If you only want information from specific websites, advanced search will do this for you. You can access specific websites by typing in specific words for domain suffixes such as gov. or .edu for government and education websites.

Filter Information from Specific Individuals

Search engines give you the option to search for information from specific websites. Similarly, Twitter’s advanced search gives you the option to filter tweets from specific individuals on a specific date and filter tweets with certain moods. This precision helps you limit the amount of information available and only shows you what is relevant to your search.

If you use image websites such as Tumblr and Flickr, advanced search allows you to filter images and tailor them to your web content.

Use Advanced Search For More Accurate Content

With AS, you can get specific results, omit unwanted results, save time when conducting your search, obtain specific file formats, obtain results from specific websites, and filter information from specific individuals. You no longer have to deal with unnecessary or irrelevant information. Use AS and save time while getting maximum output.


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