What Is Check Printing Software?

Check printing software offers many benefits to the average individual and business owner alike. Instead of waiting on the bank for days or even weeks to obtain more checks, check printing software allows you to customize and print your checks.


Say goodbye to running out of checks unexpectedly. Check printing software can also prove to be a more financially-advisable strategy. However, using the same procedures as banks can often result in more trouble than it’s worth, so it’s crucial to understand some essential tips when trying to print your checks.


This article discusses what check printing software does and how you can use it to your advantage. It teaches you how to familiarize yourself with the check printing process, software, and the supplies you need to make printing your checks financially viable.

How To Use Check Printing Software

Creating your checks requires specific graphic design elements. Checks also need to meet particular format requirements for the bank to accept them. The good news? Check printing software takes care of all that. The even better news? Check printing software is affordable in most cases, especially if you can cover the costs due to your high check printing volumes.


There are plenty of options to choose from when trying to decide on your check printing software. The key takeaway from these check printing software is that they make it incredibly easy to create a payment, fill out the various parts of the check, and print it. However, there’s something even more beneficial about check printing software that you may not initially consider.


Check printing software also tracks your payments by creating a record in the ledger when you print each check. All of these software vendors help you complete your checks and customize their design to your specifications. They make adding your bank information simple, and you don’t have to worry about a complicated printing method.

What Do I Need To Print My Checks?

There are a few tools besides the software you need to commandeer before you embark on your new life printing your checks. The following list explains these items in detail.

Check Stock Paper

Check stock paper works with most printers and check printing software. However, you need this paper because it is designed explicitly for checks, and banks won’t accept checks that don’t have this paper type. Banks won’t take other paper types because check stock paper has security identifiers such as microprinting, security warnings, and watermarks. Some check stock paper also comes pre-perforated to make cutting quick and straightforward.


Most office supply stores carry check stock paper. However, it is more expensive than regular paper, so be prepared for that cost increase. Don’t worry, though; if you print a ton of checks, you will make up the cost in no time.


Whether you have an inkjet, laserjet, or even an offset printer, you can use check printing software to print your checks. However, some printers have added security features that boost your check security. These printers incorporate security measures such as watermarks and thermochromatic ink to secure your checks.


Despite these security measures, you can use any printer compatible with magnetic ink to print your MICR code. You might also consider a check printing company to print your MICR code. That way, you can drop the pre-printed checks into your printer and simply add the payee, date, amount, any memos, and you’ll be well on your way. This way, you won’t need special ink, and you won’t need to download the MICR font.


The MICR is the font type you need for banks to accept your che3cks. You can include your bank information, including the routing number and your account number, at the bottom of the check. The MICR code or MICR line is crucial to the character-reading technology computers use to process checks.

The best part about this font is that it offers security measures without being unrecognizable to the human eye- it’s not like this information is in code. The computer converts the readable information into digital data.

Magnetic Ink

Magnetic ink works in line with the MICR technology and allows the computer to read the MICR line. However, nowadays, magnetic ink isn’t as necessary to the check printing process. With tools such as mobile check deposit making it easier to snap a photo to deposit a check, there isn’t much of a need for magnetic ink.


Most branches also have check scanning devices in their branches, which support optical readings instead of magnetic readings.

Can I Write Checks Online?

If you don’t want to invest in all of the necessary equipment for printing your checks, many online options can simplify the process for you. With online electronic checks or e-checks, you can pay your team members via direct deposit without worrying about investing in equipment. To make an online payment, you need your routing number, checking account number, and the name associated with the account.

How Much Does Check Printing Software Cost?

How much check printing software costs depends mostly on the size of your operation. Online check printing software services can cost up to hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the extent of your check printing needs. However, if you only need a few a month for personal purposes, you might be able to find a software download for as little as $19.95.

Conclusion- What Is a Check Printing Software?

Printing in-house checks or using an online check printing software can save you precious time and money depending on your operation. If you only need the software for individual checks, you might be better off buying the software and materials yourself. However, if you have multiple employees in your operation, using an online check printing service can save you time and the hassle of tracking all of your transactions.

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