What Is LinkGraph All About?

In today’s competitive online marketplace, businesses continuously search for ways to establish their brand and distinguish their company from competitors. Strategic search engine optimization (SEO) marketing practices help businesses raise their profile, attract new clients, and retain existing customers. Some businesses may not fully grasp how SEO marketing works or what‘s involved.

Businesses can turn to reputable SEO marketing experts, such as LinkGraph, for professional online marketing services. To understand how they can help your company, let’s see what LinkGraph does and how your company can benefit from their expertise.


What is LinkGraph?

LInkGraph is a digital and SEO marketing company that uses these marketing strategies to promote businesses. They provide free tools you can use to evaluate your online content and boost your website’s domain authority (DA) score. Their digital and SEO marketing experts also create customized plans to raise their clients’ online profiles. This may involve several promotional tactics, including reputation management and advertising on social media.


What is SEO marketing, and how will your company benefit?

SEO marketing’s a customized marketing approach designed to raise your business website’s profile. Your business website establishes your company’s credibility and is a vital tool when building your brand image. Thriving business websites attract organic traffic, enabling the company to increase site engagement and sales.

When people seek information online, they type keywords into a search engine. The search engine produces search engine results pages (SERPs). The SERPs list reputable websites featuring the keywords. The higher your site’s SERP results, the better. Approximately 90 percent of users who click on sites listed on SERPs click on sites featured on the first page of results. Reaching the first page of results raises your profile and increases your site’s likelihood of receiving organic traffic from web searches.

SEO marketing practices involve introducing website features search engines favor when assigning a website’s DA score.


What SEO tactics can you use for your site?

Search engines look for sites with high traffic rates and site engagement. When people leave sites immediately without clicking on links or consuming content, your site’s bounce rate goes up. Sites with high bounce rates receive lower DA scores. This is why your site should target relevant traffic.

Attracting relevant traffic involves creating high-quality content featuring appropriate keywords that are relevant to your business focus. You can use LinkGraph’s keyword researcher tool to identify the most common relevant keywords used each month and modify your site content to capitalize on searches featuring those keywords. You can also add long-tail keywords to target clients interested in niche products or services.

Sites with high DA scores should also have backlinks. These are links leading to their site. LinkGraph’s marketing experts can help you implement a backlink campaign by placing blog posts on relevant websites with high DA scores and adding links to your site in your bio.

Other SEO tactics include ensuring you have accessible internal links, making it easy for users to access different pages on your website.


What is digital marketing, and how will your company benefit?

Digital marketing refers to promoting your company online. An example would be paying for an advertisement on a social media platform such as Twitter or Facebook. Working with a digital marketing agency, such as LinkGraph, ensures your marketing experts customize a promotional campaign to reach appropriate consumers.

As a leading digital marketing agency, LinkGraph understands that social media sites vary widely. Since 2005, the percentage of the population using social media has risen from five percent to 72 percent, but adults under 30 years of age still outnumber those 65 or older. Seniors are more likely to use Facebook instead of Instagram. Your digital marketing agency experts understand the demographics. They know how to target your ideal audience through effective social media marketing, investing your resources on platforms that appeal to potential clientele.

LinkGraph’s a digital and SEO marketing company that helps clients promote their businesses. Clients may use digital marketing, SEO marketing, or a combination of digital advertising and search engine optimization options to raise their profile and attract clientele.


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