What Is SEO Exactly & How Can I Use It?

Do you know what SEO is exactly? Have you been wondering what this Search Engine Optimisation thing is all about and are unsure whether or not your business should be investing in SEO or if it is actually something you should be looking into? We’ll give you a round up of what SEO is and how you can use it to your advantage as a business.

So what is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO? SEO is a super valuable tool that marketers use to drive organic traffic to their website, and ultimately, build a bigger customer base and building a stronger brand online as well. Organic traffic is when someone hops onto Google, and types in a few keywords for what they’re looking for and then this search pulls up results – if your SEO strategy is built properly, then your website will be showing at the top of that search page according to the specific keywords you are targeting as a business.

There are a few questions that business owners usually find asking themselves when it comes to getting their pages to rank on Google – things like how do I know if my business is showing up on google? How do I know if my content is easily accessed on different devices? How do I know if my content is of a high-quality and useful to others? Taking these kinds of things into considerations means you are asking the right things and taking the right steps to building a strong SEO strategy.

Some of the most basic steps that you should be taking as a business when it comes to your SEO plan include starting to research these keywords and relevant search queries that people might be searching. Then you need to publish that optimised content, webpages, blog posts, etc. that speak to these keywords, as well as analysing your technical side of the business to make sure things are running smoothly and working as they should be.

Are you wanting to know where to find a partner who can help get your IT and tech of your business to a level where SEO will really start to make a difference and get results? Then partnering with an IT Company is one of the best ways to do this. We spoke with some of the top providers of IT Support in London which many businesses use to elevate and maximise their IT setups and technological structures and infrastructure – they’ve helped many businesses to restructure their IT environments so that their website, technologies, and processes are all streamlined to support any kind of additional marketing such as SEO.

You get two different types of SEO – you get on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO. With on-page SEO, you are actively building content and pages that are aimed at improving your Google rankings organically. This means incorporating keywords into your website content, making sure the content you publish is of a high quality and original. When it comes to off-page SEO, this is content that lives off of your own website. This can be things such as backlinks to your website which you can build yourself, and involves creating a website that other people see as useful and link back to pages on your site, increasing your off-page SEO rankings.

This is why it is equally important to build a strong SEO strategy that takes into account researching keywords that your competitors are using, researching what your customers are actually searching for, looking at things like search volumes of certain keywords, and of course, building great, strong, user-friendly webpages on your website that speak to the person who would be searching for that particular keyword to show them how you can help them as a business with what they need help with.


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