What Is Shopify And Why Should You Use it?

The Internet has given a lot of new opportunities to different business companies. With the help of high-speed data transfer, trading, communication with customers and payment transactions have become more accessible and easier. Many organizations, regardless of their size or finances, create their own digital platforms that sell their product. This helps to expand the business to an international level, and also contributes to a faster recruitment of new customers.

There are several well-known e-commerce platforms that have a huge number of useful features and tools for creating an online store. Today we are going to take a look at one such platform – Shopify.

Shopify: the details about this platform

This mechanism is designed to create an absolutely unique, recognizable, viable and high-speed website. Shopify is used by owners for online sales, and if you’re interested in an offline store too, then Shopify POS is your salvation.¬† Moreover, this tool is easy to use, as it has an intuitive interface, so beginners are able to create something new. However, a good shopify development agency can cope with the task many times faster, which will save not only your time, but also financial resources.

As for the cost of this platform, everything is very simple: the pricing policy starts from $9/month and ends at your discretion. However, a significant plus is the presence of a two-week trial period. This is a great chance to try out an ecommerce platform for yourself, try to build a website and see if it suits you. If you are interested in an even wider range of features, then you may like Shopify Plus or similar subscription versions, such as:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify Lite
  • Shopify POS

Why Shopify?

A quality online store should have a library of functions that will be responsible for the success of internal processes: from payments to product classification. All this significantly affects the level of business development, and also allows you to take first place in the market.

Shopify provides its customers with a ready-made base for a new or existing site. In other words, it offers exactly those elements that are responsible for the quality work of the site in all aspects. This platform is an indispensable tool for successful trading via the Internet.

Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of Shopify to find out why this platform is so good:


Shopify has a plethora of features that provide timely reports on the performance and health of your business. For example, you have the ability to track orders and customers, as well as analyze the productivity of different pages.

Hosting and templates

Shopify is more profitable because the monthly subscription already includes hosting and additional themes. That is, if you want to create your own website, then the free templates that this platform offers will help you with this process, which will make it much easier. During the trial period, you can also use all this, so you can definitely see the usefulness of this tool.

The cloud is better than the server

When your site is stored on a server, you are at great risk with your data or speed. However, Shopify is in the cloud, which is a great advantage on busy days. Moreover, the cloud allows you to visit the site from any device and store large blocks of information. All this is also included in the monthly subscription, so you will avoid additional expenses.


This digital commerce platform has excellent customer support. What’s more, the link to Shopify is available 24/7, so you’ll be sure your site is up and running all the time.

Shopify has enough theoretical advantages, but it is best to verify them in practice. If you are a large organization, then Shopify will help you stabilize your site or create a new unique visual. But If you are a start-up business and are thinking about how to find a developer for your startup, then it is better to seek help from a professional experienced team. Either way, Shopify will provide you with the perfect solutions to grow your company.

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