What is the Conveyancing Protocol?

When we start the process of buying and selling houses, we get a lot of information at the very start from our conveyancers, with terms which we are unfamiliar with such as Conveyancing Protocol.

Here we can explain this term and give you a better insight as to what it means and its benefits.

What is the Conveyancing Protocol?

Whilst the overall obligation is for a conveyancer to act in the best interests of their client, the conveyancing protocol is a framework for conveyancers to use in order to help them achieve this and is used for freehold and leasehold residential transactions.

The conveyancing protocol sets out professional obligations which can be used by solicitors and conveyancers and for those that are CQS regulated, it is an obligation that they must follow the Conveyancing Protocol. The conveyancing protocol is therefore a useful tool in order to reduce delays.

Why use the Conveyancing Protocol?

By following the conveyancing protocol, conveyancers must follow the standard conditions of sale, use correct property forms and follow set procedures for exchanging contracts and completion by post. Thus, the conveyancing protocol, provided by the law society, helps to achieve a streamlined approach to conveyancing.

As sales and purchases rely heavily on the passing of information and answering questions, the conveyancing protocol enables conveyancers to ensure they are asking the appropriate questions and providing the appropriate information.

In summary, the Conveyancing Protocol is a useful tool, provided by the Law Society to help your conveyancer to deliver a more streamlined service with other solicitors which should provide a smoother and more efficient overall service for you whilst keeping your best interests in mind.

Choosing the right conveyancer for you

So you have found a Conveyancer lawyer, congratulations! How do you know this is the right Conveyancer for you? Great Question. Looking at the Conveyancing solicitor reviews on Google, Feefo and Trust Pilot are a great way to see their previous clients’ experience.

For instance, AVRillo conveyancers have the best reviews on Google. They offer the best conveyancing services in Redditch.

Recommendations from estate agents or friends and family give you first hand experience as to how that conveyancer works.

Don’t forget to have a look through the  website of the conveyancing solicitor in the UK you are thinking of instructing and check what services they offer and think about what services you want. Do you want to meet the conveyancer near me in person? Do you want to check your case progress via an online portal? Find the conveyancer who is going to offer you the service you want.


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