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What Makes New York the Best City for Students

Aside from being a cultural, business, and entertainment center, New York City is also a vibrant student hub. No matter what degree you are pursuing or what your interests are, this buzzing metropolis has something to offer to everyone. Each corner of the city is full of life and exciting opportunities. You’ll never get bored. Here are six things that make New York an amazing place for students.

  1. Top-Rated Universities and Fantastic Libraries

New York is home to dozens of prestigious colleges and universities. Schools like Columbia University, New York University, and Cornell University are among the top national institutions recognized for their reputation and achievements. 

NYC schools provide students with every opportunity they might need to thrive, including cutting-edge research facilities and a unique urban university system. Yet, they can also be demanding. Students often look for professional writers to order essay paper to be able to keep up. Using a paper writing service is also a way to ensure that they won’t miss anything while living in a city where so many things are happening every day. 

If you’re a book lover or need to research a lot, New York, with almost a hundred public libraries, is a real paradise. Some of the most amazing places are the New York Public Library, The Morgan Library & Museum, and Brooklyn Public Library. 

  1. A Place to Celebrate Cultural Diversity

New York is unparalleled in its cultural diversity. It has become home to people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, and every street of the city represents this. You can feel it just by walking around various boroughs, each having a distinct style and atmosphere. 

Being a student in New York is almost an international experience. You can meet people from more than 180 countries and learn about their traditions, customs, and beliefs. There are also many cultural festivals to see. You can’t miss events like St. Patrick’s Day Parade, New York Jewish Film Festival, Lunar New Year Parade & Festival, and Asia Week New York.

If you are an international student, you definitely won’t feel alone. You’ll be able to meet people with similar experiences. So don’t worry about fitting in. 

  1. Life-Changing Professional Opportunities

Being a student in a huge business and economic center offers you a wide variety of opportunities. Students can find employment in one of the world’s leading companies and learn directly from industry experts. 

In New York, you can also find internship opportunities and learn what it’s like to work in a multi-billion dollar company. If combining work and college seems frustrating, a good academic writing service can help you with homework. To find a reliable service, start with checking the Paper Writer review by Use the saved-up time to get real hands-on experience. 

Aside from practice, by taking a job or internship in one of New York’s leading companies, you get invaluable networking opportunities. Building positive relationships in the professional world could be crucial to your career success. 

  1. Art and Entertainment

No matter what your interests are, entertainment options in New York are infinite. If you’re into art, see a Broadway play or check out a new Met exhibit. Writers can join dedicated communities, go to readings, and meet their favorite authors. Various sorts of performances and concerts happen almost every day. 

If you’re a fan of the Yankees and the Mets, visit baseball games to cheer on your favorite team. There are also regular events for NBA and NFL fans. 

This variety is a huge source of inspiration. Every new experience challenges you to broaden your worldview. You become more creative as a student and get the motivation to study and come up with innovative ideas. 

  1. Food Culture to Die For

Multiculturalism also influenced the food culture of New York. All types of cuisines are represented in the city by thousands of restaurants and street food spots. Almost every city block has different kinds of food: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Chinese, etc. 

You can visit the East Village to enjoy a bowl of Ramen, get yourself Xiao Long Baos in Chinatown, or try mouth-watering pizzas in Little Italy. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the iconic New York pastrami sandwich. 

New York is also proud of its unique coffee culture. There are an endless number of coffee shops all around. When you need a quick caffeine fix after long study hours, a laid-back coffee shop in your neighborhood becomes life-saving. 

  1. Easy Public Transportation

In New York, you don’t need to have a car. The city has a convenient system of public transportation with subways, trains, and buses, which makes it easy to get from one point to another. Besides, it’s an inexpensive option to move around, which is particularly useful for students who live on a budget. 

You won’t have to worry about how to get to your classes, job, or parties. The city is easy to navigate. You can also choose walking or cycling to enjoy the urban views and vibrant streets. 

Wrapping Up

New York City is by right one of the most popular cities among students. Here you can dive into cultural diversity, have infinite opportunities, and enjoy jaw-dropping art and entertainment. So if a fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t scare you, welcome! New York City is a perfect place to continue your education and have some life-changing experiences along the way.


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