What Options Do I Have If There Is An Error On A Car Accident Police Report?

Because of the chaos at car crash sites, a responding police officer may miss crucial information when compiling the report. If you acquire a copy of the police report and discover an error, you have a number of choices to help you have the mistake fixed.

It might be in your best interest to contact one of the Baton Rouge law firm‘s car accident lawyers when requesting reimbursement for your damages. We are ready to support you at every stage of this. Relying on your insurance provider for assistance could provide them the chance to reject or undervalue your claim. Let us look at some possible errors that can be filed on a police report and how you can rectify it.

What Are Some Common Errors On a Police Report?

On a police report, there are a variety of errors that might occur, including the following:

  • Factual errors with names and dates
  • Leaving out important investigational results
  • Grammatical mistakes in the form of misspellings or punctuation
  • Being vague with information or witness statements
  • Using technical language that is difficult to understand

Withholding crucial information regarding the accident would make determining culpability more difficult. Any inaccuracies on an accident report may occasionally be biased. For instance, a police officer can unintentionally blame a motorist in a sports vehicle because they believed the driver was speeding.

How Can You Get A Factual Error Corrected?

In general, factual mistakes are simple and quick to fix. However, taking this action as quickly as possible following an accident is crucial. Simply get in touch with the Department of Transportation or the police that responded to the crash scene to begin the process. Sometimes, you may also be asked for proof of items like a corrected license plate or driver’s license number. 

Providing the information up front can also assist in avoiding any needless delays in having the repairs performed. The Baton Rouge law firm can help you through this procedure if you are working with their attorneys on your claim to make settling claims easier.

What Actions Can I Take To Fix A Disputed Fact?

It might be more difficult to make changes to a police report when the responsible party disputes the error than to make changes to factual inaccuracy. Certain disputed facts, like the expiration date of a driver’s license, may be easier to prove than others. 

However, in some cases, the police department or the responsible insurance provider may need further proof to change their minds on already established facts. While it might not help you receive the total demanded compensation, proving a disputed error with the use of adequate proof may also help you get the value of your claim with the least reduction.


You must consult with experienced attorneys from the likes of Baton Rouge law firm before submitting a claim to the insurance provider. They can assist you with making a request for a car crash report and checking it for any potential errors.


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