What Should You Do about Nasal congestion? Can Home Remedies Help?

Anybody of any age may develop nasal congestion, or that of a stuffy nose. But you should know that such a thing can take place more often in some individuals.  Of course, if you are thinking that only a few people can experience this condition, then you are wrong. Anyone can experience it.

Of course, you can check out home remedies for nasal congestion and ensure that you try them out for your relief. The finest way to clear your congestion relies hugely on its reason. A few of the home remedy options can be like:

  • You should stay hydrated
  • Try to take a warm shower
  • Gasping steam from a bowl of heat water, with a towel over your head to simply trap in the steam
  • Try to keep the head raised while sleeping
  • Taking over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines or even that of different decongestants
  • You can even give a try to nasal rinses
  • You can check out even OTC pain relief medications, in case there is sinus pressure or even that of pain
  • Try to apply a cold compress to painful zones or regions of the face
  • You can even take up probiotics or probiotic-rich foods, like that of yogurt as well as kimchi.
  • You can even think of taking supplements that enhance immunity, like that of zinc sulphate, vitamin C, echinacea, or geranium extract.

It is crucial for you to know that experts and professionals warn against overusing nasal sprays as well as decongestants, as doing so can trigger congestion.

How long does it stays?

Well, most of the people with a common cold or that of the flu feel absolutely better after a week or two. If this condition of nasal congestion ends up from a bacterial infection, the doctor or health expert may prescribe antibiotics for ten to fourteen days.  But remember that the congestion could clear inside 7 days. Still, it is crucial to take the complete course of antibiotics. In case an allergy is the offender, the congestion could even last as long as that of the person is exposed to that of the allergen. In case a diverged septum regularly exacerbates or even causes congestion, the doctor could even recommend remedial surgery.

Remember that the condition of nasal congestion could stem from an allergy, that of an infection, a deformity of the sinuses, or even that of a health issue in any other part or area of your body. In most of the instances, congestion simply clears with home remedies as well as OTC medications. However, an individual could need antibiotics for a bacterial infection or even that of surgery to right a diverged septum. In case congestion is severe or even that of persistent, contact a health expert or doctor, mainly if you are experiencing pregnancy.


So, if you want, you can go through a good Ayurvedic medicine store and get some ayurvedic medicines. They may help you and that too without any sort of side effect.


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