What Sports are the Best for Live Betting?

Live betting has become a phenomenon for sportsbooks and punters. The ability to monitor and make different types of bets on up to the second odds in game has taken sports betting to a whole new level.

With the introduction of the internet and online sportsbooks, the opportunities for in play betting has never been more accessible and exciting.

Sonny Reizner, a legendary bookmaker in Las Vegas, began offering in play bets with gamblers in the 1930s at Fenway Park in Boston, home to the Boston Red Sox. Gamblers would gather around the bleacher and make in play bets in person on the next pitch being a hit or a strike or f the batter would get on base or not.

This was the very early stages of in play betting, it has since exploded with the technological advances into one of the most popular and exciting ways to bet on sports.

Widespread action

Live betting in specific sports varies and is tailored to the style of the sport as well as the demands of the fan. In tennis, the matches are played at a fast pace, though there is plenty of time in between rallies and games for punters to make in play bets.

The options for betting on the next serve being an ace, who will win the next set, how many games will the set include are all examples of the different ways people can bet in play in tennis.

The style of play in American Football also lends itself well to in play betting. With the breaks between plays, punters are able to gauge how the game is going as well as how they think the next play will go.

It is a game of territories and teams look to break down the field either through running or throwing, and punters can see which quarterbacks are looking more likely to throw, run themselves or use their running back. They can see how defences look, especially if injuries occur to identify how the other team will look to attack them.

For any defences looking strong, you can select how many picks the quarterback may throw as well as a wide range of other in play options which add to the excitement of the game, including if the kicker will make the field goal or if the special team will return the punt for a touchdown. As well as the individual acts, the points spread may differ and some games at times don’t live up to their expectations or exceed it vastly and you can bet from how the game is going on total points.

Basketball is a tougher game for those not too familiar with it, due to the speed of the game for individual act bets. Though, this will not put off people from wagering on the total points in each quarter or the spread for the match. You can see how teams are performing and identify if they are over or under scoring what they were predicted to do as the game goes on.

Baseball is a slower game and very statistically based. There is information on how the match is going as well as they batter’s, pitchers and catchers form over the past season and period of games available in statistical form for all.

It is a game that, despite the technological advances, can still be bet on in play like the old days of the 1930s. Betting on the if the next pitch will be a hit or a strike, should the batter reach his base. These are all standard in play bets still available to this day.

Soccer throughout the world is available to wager on in play. Like all other popular sports, the majority of online sportsbooks will even offer streaming of certain games in which punters can watch and bet in play on their site.

You can tailor your bets for how you feel and what insights you are getting from the game. If a team will win a lot oof corners, if one side will end up scoring highly, a player who looks like he may get sent off. There are a huge variety of options available to the punter in these games.

Soccer usually is a continuous game and fans will get a feel of how it Is going, with just the 15-minute break at half time. As a tram gains ascendancy, some may see the underdog as having the chance to win on the counterattack, or see the team make a lot of chances but the strikers are out of form.

There is a lot to enjoy about in play betting and it is something which enables the fan to show their understanding of their sport and how they can predict what will happen.

It is something which draws supporters even more into their sport and gives punters a chance to find new markets, rather than just the predictions before the game has begun.


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