What To Expect In A Drug Rehab Program

With the help of a drug rehab program in Union, NJ, you significantly improve your chances of recovering from drug addiction. That is why you should get into one at the soonest possible instance. The longer you stay dependent on drugs, the deeper the addiction grows, which means the more difficult it will be to reverse its effects on you. 

A drug rehab program takes into account not only your physical addiction but also your emotional and psychological state, which could be contributing to your addiction. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Here are some things you should expect in a drug rehab program, in case you are thinking about committing yourself or someone you care about in one. 

Initial Assessment

Before any rehabilitative work can be done, the first thing the doctor will do is to carry out an assessment and evaluation of the patient. Getting to know their medical history, as well as addiction history, is crucial in determining the custom program that would best fit the patient. 


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Sometimes, it is also discovered during this assessment that the patient is suffering from depression and anxiety. With this information, the doctor can prescribe assisted medication to the patient, especially as they go through withdrawal, so that the detoxification process is not as difficult for them. It is also here where the doctors will determine which medication or what kind of therapies will work best for the patient. 


In this part of the rehab process, the patient is immediately removed from having any access to any drugs, except for the ones prescribed under assisted medication. For the most part, the detoxification process is not something that can’t be helped. 

As the body realizes that they are no longer inundated by the same drugs that infiltrated the system for a long amount of time, it will begin to flush out remnants of these drugs. This is where the detoxification process occurs. This is also where the withdrawal symptoms begin to come out. Depending on how much drugs are in the system, and how long it’s been there, the withdrawal and detoxification process may take anywhere from a few to several days. 

Counseling and Therapy

It’s not just your physical health that should be cared for. Your emotional and mental well-being also took a beating during drug addiction. As such, they are also part of the program, so that you can truly have a holistic recovery. 

The individual therapies can help you sort out the emotional issues you may have, even from way back, which could have contributed to your drug dependency. Meanwhile, the group counseling sessions are great for realizing that this is not a situation that’s unique to you. Many other people are going through the same thing, which means that a lot more people can empathize and sympathize with you than you realize.

After-Care Program

Drug rehab programs don’t usually end within the facility. As soon as you get back out, you can expect to still be required to attend an after-care program. These are programs that help rehab graduates make their way back into society, without relapsing. It can be difficult readjusting to a sober life back out in the world, and these after-care programs are there to help them transition smoothly. 

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