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What to plan before going to Dubai?

Dubai is the most attractive city in the United Arab Emirates. It is much more than its sky-high skyscrapers and posh shopping complexes. Are you nervous about visiting this Middle Eastern Emirate for the first time? Don’t be concerned! Here are a few pointers to make sure your trip to the Gulf city is one you will never forget.

List of 10 things must know before going to Dubai

  1. Time to Visit
  2. Visa
  3. Pack your Bag
  4. Financial Nuisance
  5. Accommodation
  6. Dress
  7. Creating Memories
  8. Say NO to eating in Public
  9. Tips are Needed?
  10. Desert Safari


  1. Time to visit:

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The ideal season to plan a Dubai package from India is from November to March when temperatures vary from 30° C to 12° C, and you love the weather. Furthermore, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place in December, and it is spectacular, with products from all over the world. However, because of the severe rains that occur during this month, it is best to avoid coming in February. Visiting Dubai between April and October would be a bad idea since it would be nearly difficult to get outside owing to the hot and humid weather.


2. Visa:

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Make sure about the documents, then photocopy and take the duplicates with you at all times, lock the originals in your hotel room. Check with your local embassy for visa requirements since they are subject to change.

Due to Covid, travellers having a valid resident visa from India are only allowed to travel to Dubai. In addition, the UAE approved the four doses of vaccination. Before travelling to Dubai, the travellers must take the two doses of approved vaccination by the UAE.


3. Pack your Bag:

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Let’s be honest, Whatever else you fail to put in your baggage, don’t forget to bring quantities of sunscreen. The temperature in Dubai is harsh, so better to bring sunscreen with the highest SPF rating you can find. Take your moisturizer, Tissues, Shampoo, Sanitary products, Makeup, Hats, Deodorant, Laptop, Mobile phone, MFI Apple certified iPhone 12 mini charger, Adapter, camera, and as per your convenience.


4. Financial Nuisance:

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Money, on the other hand, is safe to carry in the UAE. United Arab Emirates Dirham is a currency used in Dubai. Many local stores can exchange your money for you, and they will usually give you a better rate. Credit and debit cards from across the world are also frequently accepted. Due to the country’s stringent regulations, thievery is rarely an issue. It is, nevertheless, preferable to be safe than sorry.

5. Accommodation:

Do not make the mistake of reserving a high-priced hotel. Read and study your lodging alternatives while keeping your budget in mind because Dubai provides something for everyone. However, if you want to prevent a problem, make a reservation ahead of time. Summer is the cheapest season for flights and accommodation, but you will nearly boil if you visit Dubai during that time.


6. Dress:

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First and foremost, we must remember that Dubai, no matter how contemporary, liberal, or progressive, is an Islamic nation where residents appreciate their culture and traditions. You may dress up as much as you like since, well, the city is very stylish, but be careful not to offend your host city’s sensibilities. It is preferable to have your shoulders and knees covered. Although you are not required to wear an abaya or a kandora because Dubai is a tourist destination, exposing too much flesh in public areas has typically been made worse. Of course, it would be strange to go to the beach without a swimsuit, shorts, or bikini from dubai, but you can dress as you would on any other beach. Rather than offending someone’s feelings, dress appropriately for the event and the location you are going to.

7. Creating Memories:

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It’s practically a shame to visit one of the World’s Best cities and not take a photo! Yes, it is hard to restrain your excitement as a photographer, but it is also critical to remember a few things. If you want to snap someone’s photo, remember to seek their permission first. Take care not to photograph Muslim ladies. Avoid photographing government buildings, airports, docks, military or industrial sites.

8. Say NO to eating in Public:

It is considered rude to eat in public places, particularly on public transportation in Dubai. During Ramadan, non-Muslims and visitors are not allowed to drink water in public places.

9. Tips are Needed?

No, tipping is not necessary for Dubai, it is a widespread habit and a personal choice. A gratuity is generally in your bill at restaurants, but you do not need to tip a taxi driver. You can, however, do so in exchange for the services of a baggage carrier or even your resort bellboy.

10. Desert Safari:

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Lastly, Dubai is not only famous for malls and buildings. But also for Desert safari. Enjoy a day of sunbathing by the Persian Gulf or a safari across the Arabian Desert’s crimson dunes. The city of Dubai originated on the Dubai Creek, and the Palm Jumeirah is a magnificent edifice.

11. Delicious Food

Most people when visiting Dubai like to try out the local food. They search for the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai. One of the highly in-demand sectors for tourists is Fine Dining in Dubai. Dubai has an extensive offer in this sector that ranges from the restaurants in mansion hotels that have 200 courses to restaurants with simple menus, where it tastes even better when you know the locals are serving you!

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