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What you owe it to yourself to learn in regard to writing an argumentative paper

The concept of “flow” in an essay is one that may be applied to a variety of different topics, making it difficult to explain. When it comes to being in the “flow,” the thing that you should be most concerned about is a lack of concentration and organisation. When paragraphs are not related to one another and/or to the thesis, it is possible that less important elements will obscure important information. These ideas are meant to assist you in writing an argumentative essay that is both well-structured and “fluid.” Although they are not complete, their objective is to aid you. In spite of the fact that this handout was developed specifically for argumentative essays in the humanities, many of the fundamental concepts that it sets out may be applied to a broad variety of academic areas. If you are looking for custom writing service, please visit our website.


The act of constructing an outline is one of the least favourite aspects of writing for any and all authors. It may seem to be a waste of time when you are just getting started, but in reality, it is the most effective strategy for ensuring that your paper does not deviate from its intended path. Your outline should make it very obvious how you mean to express what it is that you are going to say, in the order that you intend to deliver it. If you have a clear sense of your primary points before beginning to write, it will be much simpler for you to produce substantial transitions between different ideas.

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The subject of the paragraph has to be stated clearly in the first sentence of the paragraph.

Carroll uses Alice’s discussion of insanity with the Cheshire Cat to criticise a Victorian reliance on facts and reason while also depicting the realm of Wonderland in the process. It is not appropriate for a subject sentence to incorporate any type of summary, description, or background information of any kind.

The Cheshire Cat and Alice in Wonderland have a conversation on what it means to be crazy.

There must to be a relationship between your subject phrases and the assertion that you have chosen to serve as your thesis (and hence each paragraph).

In the first sentence of each paragraph, you need to clarify how and why the information presented in that paragraph pertains to the larger argument that you are making. Every single subject phrase in every single one of your body paragraphs has to be connected to x and/or y, much to how Alice in Wonderland handles the issue of Victorian education for children by performing x and/or y.

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