What You Should Consider When Choosing VPS Hosting Service

You have been using shared hosting for some time because your small business was in the initial stage, and you needed less storage space, bandwidth, and RAM. Moreover, you did not expect much traffic, so the low-entry cost was much better to help you keep within the budget. Now your website is growing, and you want to upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan.

For instance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore mostly prefer VPS when they want to handle a spike in traffic to their website. Likewise, web developers, eCommerce owners, and webmasters prefer VPS Singapore hosting over dedicated server hosting, for VPS performs like an independent server; however, it is a virtual space within a server. 

With VPS hosting, you share the server and resources with other website users, but you get a private space and the ability to customize the operating system and install your applications. Unlike shared hosting, you get the resources you want for your website. Some of Singapore’s hosting companies offer VPS hosting plans on different server management levels as Self-Managed, Managed, and Fully Managed packages.

With the Self-Managed plan, you can choose your own operating system, while with Managed and Fully-Managed plans, the service provider will help you manage the software and hardware aspects of the server with cPanel and WHM control panel.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right VPS hosting service provider.

1. Completely scalable

With VPS hosting in Singapore, you can adjust to the ebb and flow of your business. If your startup is growing or your small business is likely to expand, then you need more resources, complete data isolation, high data transfer usage, and high-speed web services. VPS hosting can help you here by starting as small as you can afford to and expanding when your business grows. Due to its scalability, most SMEs in Singapore prefer VPS hosting.

You can find a reliable hosting provider who offers flexibility in the plan by allowing you to upgrade it with more storage space, power, speed, and data transfer or downgrade the resources if your business has a lean season. 

2. Reliable uptime

Website downtime will cost your company by losing sales and profit. VPS hosting allows you to customize the server and resources within the virtual environment. It can manage the spike in traffic when a website grows, without affecting the loading time. You can ensure that your business is operating as usual and if you want to optimize for a faster loading time without disturbing your neighbours, you can do it with VPS hosting.

When you consider the fastest loading time, which most search engines use as one of the criteria to rank the website, VPS hosting is better with the flexibility to upgrade resources for greater performance and faster speeds.      

3. Customize the server

You can customize your entire computing environment under VPS hosting by installing your applications and hosting domains. You can choose your preferred OS under the self-managed plan or go for the managed one with full control over domains, websites, and emails.

4. Full control of the server space

With a reliable VPS hosting plan, you can call the shots. It gives you root access irrespective of whether you manage the server by yourself or get the hosting provider to do it for you. VPS allows you to customize the resources by running your preferred OS, making backups, and installing or updating any software. Unlike that in shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about your website slowing down or other issues.

5. Highly secured

Your website enjoys advanced security in the virtual environment. Since VPS hosting offers root access, you can ensure that your resources are secure.

If you want the best hosting experience at an affordable price, VPS Singapore hosting is an ideal choice.


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