When To Send A Letter Instead Of An Email

There are times when it’s better for businesses to send a letter than an email. A letter offers a more personal touch. Also, some mail is best sent as letters for practical and legal reasons. The types of mail that are best sent as letters include thank you notes, legal mail, medical records, donor letters, and coupons. You can use one of the best online mailing companies of 2021 to send this mail from your computer. Read on to learn more about the types of mail that should be sent as letters rather than emails.

Thank You Notes

Many businesses these days send thank you notes to their customers and clients to let them know that their business is appreciated. Thank you emails are so common that many people will forget they even received them. However, fewer companies actually send thank you notes via physical mail. This means that a thank you letter will be more memorable than a thank you email. While some companies may be wary of the costs associated with mailing many thank you letters, working with a reputable online mailing company can help you keep costs down.

Legal Mail

If you are sending mail regarding legal matters, you may need to send it via physical mail. Examples of mail that should be sent via physical mail include cease-and-desist notices and collections notices. Most businesses prefer to send such important mail via the USPS’s Certified Mail service, as they will receive confirmation that their mail has been delivered. The best online mailing companies will offer you the option to send Certified Mail from your computer. Some top online mailing companies even offer you the ability to send Registered Mail via the USPS. This service is very similar to Certified Mail, but it can be sent internationally.

Sending Medical Records

Medical records have to be handled according to strict HIPAA guidelines. Failing to handle medical records securely can result in stiff fines for the offending company. While it is possible to send medical records digitally under the HIPAA guidelines, many businesses in the healthcare industry prefer to send records via physical mail. Several healthcare companies have had their patient databases hacked in recent years, which exposes them to potential legal issues. If your company handles medical records and you want to send these records through a mailing service, ensure that you use a service that follows HIPAA regulations to the letter.

Donor Letters

The rationale for sending donor letters via physical mail is similar to that for sending thank you notes via physical mail. A physical letter or card feels like a more personal touch to the customer. This is important when you are asking donors for a donation. It is easy to ignore an email asking for money. In fact, it is likely that such an email would be directed to the donor’s “spam” or “promotions” folders, which may result in the email going unread. On the other hand, if a donor receives a letter from an organization that they care about, they are more likely to take it to heart.


While it has become common to send digital coupons, many frugal shoppers still prefer paper coupons. Paper coupons sent through the mail do not need to be printed out like digital coupons do when the customer wants to shop in-person. Also, emailed coupons will almost certainly end up in the “spam” or “promotions” folders of a customer’s email account, and the customer may not even notice that they received the coupons. You can send paper coupons from your computer using an online mailing service.  


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