When were slot machine games first developed?

Slot machines have been a part of our lives for generations now – try Centurion Slot. That may be surprising to some people but the earliest iterations of slot machines actually date back to the late 1800s. 

Who was Charles Fey?

Charles Fey was actually the man who invented the very first slot machine, all the way back in 1894. His invention has lived on for generations now, evolving into several unique iterations along the way. 

  •     Fey built the first coin operated gambling machine in 1894. This machine took off and Fey soon quit his job as a mechanic to continue producing more of these machines.
  •     The next landmark release happened in 1898 when Fey created a slot known as the Liberty Bell.
  •     The Liberty Bell slot had three reels and one payline. To win, players simply had to match the symbols on the reels. The symbols that were featured on the reels of the Liberty Bell were a horseshoe, bells and playing card suits.
  •     Soon, Fey’s competitors began copying his invention. Popularity skyrocketed across the United States as more and more people had access to a Liberty Bell slot.

Continued Evolution 

The slot machine still had a long way to go before it began to resemble modern day slots. Major changes were still to come. 

  1. In the 1960’s, Bally developed the very first electrically powered slot game. It was called Money Honey and it soon revolutionised slot gaming. Clunky and mechanical slots were replaced with sleek and exciting electric slot games. Arguably over this period was when slot gaming popularity reached its peak.
  2. The very first video slot game was developed in 1976 by Fortune Coin Co. Video slots were unique as they took away the reels completely and replaced them with a small screen. Video slots were approved for use by gambling authorities in 1978, after modifications were made to help stop cheating attempts.
  3. The next major development came in the nineties, when WMS Industries released Reel ’Em In. This was the very first video slot to offer a second screen for players, completely changing the gameplay of future slot releases. 

Modern Slot Machines 

Today, slot games look a lot different. Casinos are still packed full of players who want to play the latest and greatest slot games, however the location of that casino is quite a bit different. The rise of online casinos has completely changed the slot gaming landscape, with more players than ever before playing the digital versions of slot games. Online slots are incredibly accessible for players, they can even be enjoyed from your living room! Another advantage that comes with using online slots is the sheer amount of selection that players get, there are no waiting times when it comes to online slot games so players can choose any game they wish at whatever time they wish! 

Final Thoughts 

Slot games have evolved over the years, they have certainly come a long way from the original machine that was created by Charles Fey.


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