Which Jobs Will Be Needed in the Coming Years?

Just 50 years ago, even if you didn’t have a college degree, you could be fairly sure that you could find a job as a secretary, truck driver, cashier or factory worker. Those days are long gone – driverless vehicles will soon be doing our trucking for us, dictation and typing skills are no longer needed in the office and much of factory jobs can be taken care of by AI.

But there are jobs that will still need employees – many of them in new and exciting fields that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. If you prepare properly, you have a fantastic opportunity (like winning the jackpot playing with a Slotastic casino bonus) to land a position that is interesting, well-paid and rewarding.

Some of the best jobs for the 21st century include:

IT Jobs

There will be an increased demand for jobs within the information technology industry as the sector grows. These include jobs for:

  • IT manages the information technology systems within an organization. The IT manager is responsible for leading IT teams and projects, monitoring the performance of the systems and troubleshooting hardware and software applications.
  • Web developers who are tasked with designing and building websites, maintaining the sites, updating the sites and managing the site’s technical functions and it’s appearance. Web developers must be well-versed in scripting and authoring language and be able to work as part of a team to maintain the web applications and resolve conflicts, technical issues and other problems that may arise regarding keeping the site up and running.
  • Securing an organization’s computer networks and protecting them from cyber attacks is the responsibility of the information security analyst who creates and implements security systems within an organization’s monitors the organization’s computer network to try to identify and fix any security problems or breaches. The analyst is responsible for installing security software and creating company-wide practices to promote IT security, including conducting periodic tests and drills to make sure that all company employees are following protocols and procedures that have been put in place.
  • A database administrator oversees the management and maintenance of an organization’s databases. The database administrator monitors system performance, reports database metrics, secures the database against threats and makes improvements to the company’s database systems as needed.
  • Many companies bring in their own software developer who maintains and fixes software, improves and upgrades interfaces and writes code. The software developer directs system testing, works with departments to identify and resolve technical issues and implements software programming as needed.


Marketing has been a feature of the marketplace ever since the first caveman traded crops that he raised for a neighbor’s goat. Anyone who has something that they want to sell needs to convey information about their product or service to potential customers and clients. The marketing world has opened up even more lately with new forms of advertising including social media advertising, Internet advertisements and influencer marketing.

Some marketing sector jobs that will be needed in the coming years include:

  • Market research analysts who help companies keep up and forecast marketing trends, assess customer preferences, conduct research on market conditions and measure the effectiveness of various marketing strategies. ,
  • Marketing managers oversee the promotion of a business, brand, organization or individual. They develop marketing strategies to support lead generation and sales efforts,  develop programs to bring in new customers, create pricing strategies to increase revenue  and build brand awareness.

Engineering Jobs

Different types of engineering jobs show a great deal of promise for the coming decades. They include:

  • Like it or not, everyone is paying more attention to the environment these days which, in turn, increases the need for environmental engineers who work to find solutions to environmental problems.  An environmental engineer collects and analyzes data as s/he studies how humans impact the environment and what can be done to cushion that impact for conservation management.
  • Civil engineers design and build transportation-related projects including the projects’ infrastructure. The civil engineer then oversees construction of the project as it is being built.
  • Mechanical engineers design, develop and build engines, gas turbines and other power-producing machines. This includes assessing problems, finding solutions, estimating budgets and collaborating with project managers to ensure that the project’s progress and its budget are on track

Finance Jobs

Jobs in the finance sector are as old as mankind – making and managing money – but the technical tools available today make those jobs more different than they’ve ever been. Some finance industry jobs include:

  • Accountant collect, analyze and track financial information in order to help an organization make financial decisions. The accountant and his/her assistants record financial transactions, assist with budget planning, organize tax fillings and perform audits.
  • Financial administrators who help manage an organization’s financial processes and accounting.  A financial administrator oversees the organization’s financial planning and activities and creates and prepares financial reports for stakeholders and executives.
  • Companies retain the services of financial advisors in order to get advice about investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning and other financial activities. The financial advisor speaks to people within the company to get a picture of what’s going on so that they can analyze the data, help the company implement financial plans and reach its goals.

Health Field Jobs

As the population ages, there will be an increased need for healthcare workers. Jobs in the health care field that show the most growth in the future include:

  • Health care professionals are in agreement that, whenever possible, it is to a patient’s benefit to recuperate at home, or, for an older person, live in their own house. A home health care aide can make that happen. Home health care aides visit patients and elderly clients in their homes and facilitate all needed health care and, according to the need, other types of care.
  • Respiratory therapists help patients who need to re-learn to breathe after an illness or surgery. Respiratory therapists work with the patients to teach them different strategies for breathing, monitor their responses to the exercises that they are given and work with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive treatment. Respiratory therapists must be able to assess progress, make changes as needed and maintain patient records.

Physical/Occupational Therapists

Physical and occupational therapists help patients heal from injuries and disorders and learn to function with any new limitations. Through exercise, massage and functional movement techniques they create patient treatment plans, administer treatments an monitor patient progress.

Physician assistants bridge the gap between doctors and nurses to ensure that patients receive the care that they need. Patients assistance work under the supervision of a surgeon or a doctor to diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses are medical professionals who work under the direct supervision of a doctor or surgeon. They diagnose and treat patients for various issues, illnesses and diseases, offer surgical assistance, prescribe medication and educate patients and family members on the patient’s condition and needs.


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